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My sketches


I like! Keep it up! :slight_smile:


Thanks again, tykes!

I’ve been working so hard on job-searching that I’ve been neglecting some drawing practice. Being a future concept artist, I’ve been doing just that- drawing concept pages. I’ve got a number of them already, tykes.

[spoiler]Here’s Memora, the Goddess of Dreams and Celebrations. She’s also Timber’s (by that, I mean my interpretative character. For some reason, I’ve been coming up with an origin story with him and Pleinair, tykes…) mother. Uhm, it was something about her going off to fight some dream war, and never returning, leaving Timber behind at a young age, or something, lol. I guess she’s dead?

I got the idea from my Fire Emblem: Awakening game and its Streetpass event. The guy who lives downstairs has many other characters in his pass, and he ‘sent’ me one that looked strangely identical to my FEA character, except female. After that, I was struck with an idea to create another character relating to Timber in some way, and Memora was born.

Oddly enough she’s still in some works, as you can see from the concept page (bottom). To make her similar to Timber, I’ve taken the consideration of a few things- covering the eyes (Her headband is actually a birthmark- like thing that I usually do, ‘-_-’. This could hint that she’s the creator of my little fantasy world, or something), the cuffs on her arms, and the cowlick in her hair is similar to the one on Timber’s hat, kinda. Her costume was just a plan of mixing things together to make her stand out a bit.

Memora’s staff, I just came up with today. I’m not sure what to call it, ‘Beloved Stranger,’ maybe? If you can come up with an interesting name, I’m all ears, tykes! (tykes?)[/spoiler]


Beautiful work Timber!!!


Great sketches again, Timber! Keep up the good work, and good luck in finding a job! :3

I hope she returns soon. :stuck_out_tongue:


Love your Memora! :slight_smile:

I also like the name you gave her staff - I wouldn’t change it.


Like the artwork Timber.


Haven’t commented in awhile, however… very nice work, Timber! Memora stands out to me… I like her! Even though you may be busy, try to always find time to do the things you like. Ya’ just can’t neglect your drawing practice… sacrilege I say!


Hey, everyone! Been kinda busy in school over the past few months. It seems that my monsters have finally been accepted by my university art teacher, so I now have a portfolio project, tykes! They were originally smaller pictures of charcoal drawings on photography, but I later turned them into bigger drawings on bigger photographs.

Here’s the first one I re-worked into a bigger size. The monster- I think I’ve posted her picture here?- is known as the Hardworking Alraune. My goal was to include my monsters in the pictures, as if they were interacting with me, or something… That’s also my figure… me… in the picture. I hate having my picture takes, but at least I’ve my back to the camera, I guess.

It’s one of my portfolio works, so please, any feedback is greatly appreciated. No need to hold back, lol. I’ve got more to post, too, so there’s no excuse for me not to, tykes.

…The quality’s kinda bad. I tried my best to take a decent picture, but the artificial light makes the picture look a little yellowed, tykes…


Thats a really cool idea, putting a drawing in a photograph like that. The thought would have never occurred to me. It looks pretty awesome



I have done that couple time before it kinda sorta of combation of live and animaited photo.

I know I did have couple laying somewhere but I don’t recall where I put it but I did draw it during my highschool time.



:slight_smile: Timber! You’re back! Yay!

This is a really neat idea. I like the way it came out too. It does look as if you are about to take on the monster. Nice job!


Here’s another work from my portfolio, tykes. Until I find my other sketchbook, you guys can take a look at some of these.


Thats really interesting looking. How did you do that?


I love how you made the white line on the ground (which I am guessing you layered on) look like a mirror, showing your outline.

Though by the size of your foot, I would have suggested it be bigger. :blush:

Still, a great addition to your collection of work, as always! :cheer:


Another nice piece of work, Timber! I’m happy to see your skills expanding again! :slight_smile:




Very nice sketches Timber! :grinning:



HELLO!!! Oh my gosh!

How the heck are you? (tykes)

Really missed you around here!

What a great set of drawings, I see you’ve been keeping up with the whole art thing. What have you been up to?


yes well nice drawing timber

hey pal nice to see you and its great to see you are still drawing


Aye, thanks, guys! And yes, it HAS been awhile, tykes! It’s not like I meant to be away for so long, but looking back, I feel like I was so immature and otherwise naive, and I was kinda put off from it. Can’t say I’ve changed as much (I hope I have), but I’ve certainly missed being here, tykes.

A lot’s been going on, as well. I’ve my own apartment and the life around it. Art’s no longer my focus (after being unfairly kicked from university, I lost a bit of my passion and there’s a bit of lingering depression somewhere…), but there are other things I’m interested in. However, my love and desire to improve hasn’t faltered, and I try to improve as much as I can, tykes.

With that being said, a lot of these are common things that I draw when in the mood. The first was a picture drawn in celebration of a foreign exchange friend’s birthday. The character itself is actually one that has stuck with me since high school. It’s considered my mascot character, and I actually draw her quite often. The birthday part was the cake, obviously.

The second picture is an important character of mine named Miseri-Heidi, and she’s the main of a story that I’m still working on. Basically, she’s a little orphan who’s literally too smart for her village and is kicked out into the open world with her guardian- seasoned adventurer- and fellow companion- a mystery girl with even more mysterious strength.

The last picture is another concept of a monster. It’s really just one half- the entire concept consists of the rider and her steed. This was the first piece I’d worked on from my new easel, and I’d say that my charcoal skills were a little rusty. However, I think she works out okay. (tykes, tykes)