New to TAN

You’re right, you’re right. Anime is pretty much the focus here. Bleach and One Piece are my on going interests. Then, I made a list of the animes that I’ve watched,

Afro Samurai
Air Master
Buso Renkin
Darker than Black
Death Note
Desert Punk
Dragon Drive
Elfin lied
Full Metal Alchemist
Ghost Hunt
Hell Girl
Murder Princess
Naruto Shippuden
One Piece
Outlaw Star
Rozen Maiden
Speed Grapher
Spice and Wolf 1 & 2
Tenjho Tenge
Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy
Witch Hunter Robin, 

Granted this is a fairly outdated list, and I do really need to update it.

I might need to some to reflect on it, but I’ll do my best to remember what helps him act appropriately.

…Oh yah? When was the last time I listened and did what you asked? Seems like you just like holding the leash, yet it’s not connected to the collar :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you now Haissan? Is that another fetish of yours? jk

Lol more or less she took everyone else in. New people are always greeted a lot, they just don’t always talk back much :stuck_out_tongue:

Gentay wrote:


…Oh yah? When was the last time I listened and did what you asked? Seems like you just like holding the leash, yet it’s not connected to the collar :P[/quote]

You’re here aren’t you? Lol… Don’t hurt me…

Oooooohhhhh I get it. You want to get stronger so she can’t beat you up anymore Haissan. I can understand that. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah it’s like a money on my back… and she has long sharp nails that feel soo good when she finds that spot…mmmm…shivers

Lol alright then. I’m assuming you meant monkey on your back. But at least you gave it a positive twist at the end there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, great to have ya.

Welcome to the forum, Getay! Feel free to tell us any dirty secrets Haissan has. =P

Careful she’s like to reveal more than you want to know

It’s true, I forget that what I find normal boring other people might find it completely horrifying.

But I do have a few dirty secrets about Haissan. Like these.

He has dirty socks
He has smelly shoes
He has a filthy car

Okay, those are probably going to get me a text later, so how about this one. Haissan taught me how to tie my shoes in the correct fashion. I met him when I was 20. So, it seems that for 18 years, I was not doing it right. My way formed a bow and the shoes stayed tight and on my feet. His way, the bow comes undone as I walk. Guess who’s way I still use to tie my shoes? Guess who gets mildly aggravated when I do it in front of them? :smiley:

mmm…that’s it, I’m getin mah phone!

Hahaha. Go easy on her, I enjoy her jokes about you Haissan… :stuck_out_tongue:

awe, It makes me happy to see that someone is enjoying the jokes.

It’s like reading a Romance/Comedy story… :stuck_out_tongue:

you should see us when we are together…

Lol depending on what you would be doing idk if I’d want to… lol jk But it’s cool to see good couples that can joke around with each other. :slight_smile:

ask my sisters they will tell you all about it :slight_smile:

To paraphrase his sisters, it seems all we do is bicker like a married or old people. That’s not all we do…there was that one time that it was silent.

yeah it was rather hilarious

Hahaha, nice. Sounds like my last relationship… lol :slight_smile: Loved it. Great, great times. Best I’ve ever had.