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I’m sorry you cannot view titles the way they were meant to be seen.


Just throwing this out there.

You know both Rightstuf and Amazon ship you replacements for damaged items for free now a days. Rightstuf most of the time does not even require sending the damaged copies back. Amazon usually makes you send the damaged item back, but they do have free return shipping. Bad about them is they use UPS for returns which means you have to find someplace that takes UPS shipments. So really the fragile excuse is just a poor one now a days unless your talking about Media Blasters since they are using such piss poor cases not even retail chains can get more then 1 undamaged copy of Squid Girl per shipment.

Also if you still want to get a item in the store Walmart sells most Sentai stuff online and offers site to store for free if the item is instock .


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yeah i guess you are right, so FUCK TAN and all the former ADV, as well a everyone involved with it or this website.

there ya go, problem solved, customer lost. signal terminated.


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[quote]dragonrider_cody wrote:

yeah i guess you are right, so I LOVE TAN and all the former ADV employees, as well a everyone involved with it or this website.

I fixed that for you! :slight_smile:


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It appears to have already started. The is nearly blank: Only one blog post, no Twitter/News/Forums, no Popular/Shows/Episodes.[/quote]

Monday morning: Main page back to normal.


[size=16]New York Comic Con/NYCC 2015[/size]
posted Sept 3, 2015

Con dates: October 8 - 11, 2015 @ New York, NY

Panels Schedule


NYCC Panel Info

Funimation Presents: Dragon Ball Z (And Beyond) - Thursday, October 8, 11:15am ET
The Biggest Attack on Titan Manga Announcement Ever - Thursday, October 8, 4:00 PM ET
VIZ Media Presents: An Evening with Masashi Kishimoto, Creator of Naruto - Thursday, October 8, 5:30 PM ET
Crunchyroll Industry Panel - Thursday, October 8, 6:45pm ET

Official VIZ Media Panel - Friday, October 9, 12:15 PM ET
Sunrise & Bandai Namco Pictures Official Panel - Friday, October 9, 4:00 PM ET
Vertical Comics 2015 - Friday, October 9, 5:30 PM ET
VIZ Media Special Premiere - Friday, October 9, 6:45 PM ET

Yen Press Industry Panel - Saturday, October 10, 11:00 AM ET
VIZ Media Premieres Boruto: Naruto The Movie - Saturday, October 10, 11:30 AM ET
Kodansha Comics - Saturday, October 10, 12:15 PM ET
Aniplex of America Industry Panel - Saturday, October 10, 2:45pm ET
Funimation Industry Panel - Saturday, October 10, 5:30pm ET
Viewster Industry Panel - Saturday, October 10, 6:30pm ET

Official Sailor Moon Panel - Sunday, October 11, 2:45 PM ET


[size=16]Digital Book World: Japan’s BookWalker to Launch in English at NY Comic-Con[/size]
By: DBW | September 24, 2015
KADOKAWA’s Online Store for Manga & Light Novels direct from Japan

[size=16]Press Release: NY Comic Con Presents New York Super Week at IFC Center ‘Wagakki Band Concert Movie’ Oct 12 (Mon) 7pm – 9pm[/size]
Sep 25th 2015

[size=16]Press Release: NY Comic Con Presents New York Super Week at IFC Center JUNK STORY Hide 50th Anniversary Documentary Oct 9 (Fri) 9pm[/size]
Sep 25th 2015

[size=16]Press Release: VIZ Media Welcomes Renowned Naruto Manga Creator, Masahi Kishimoto, For Special Appearances at New York Comic Con 20155[/size]
Sep 25th 2015

[size=16]Press Release: Viz Media Announces Plans & Activities For 2015 New York Comic Con[/size]
Sep 25th 2015

[size=16]Press Release: Debuting at NY Comic-Con 2015: Book☆Walker Kadokawa’s Online Store for Manga & Light Novels Direct from Japan[/size]
Sep 25th 2015

[size=16]Press Release: VIZ Media Announces New York Comic Con Retail Exclusives[/size]
Sep 25th 2015
Exclusive NARUTO And SAILOR MOON Titles, ONE-PUNCH MAN And TOKYO GHOUL Advance Copies, WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP Membership Specials And Much More!!


[size=16]Bluefin Announces List of Exclusive Collectibles for Purchase at 2015 New York Comic Con[/size]
Sep 30th 2015
Leading Toy And Hobby Distributor Returns To The East Coast’s Largest Pop-Culture Convention With New Figures For Gundam, Dragon Ball Z, And Megaman, And Showcases Prototypes For Upcoming Releases


Hey everyone! We will be at New York Comic Con for a panel THIS THURSDAY, October 8th!

Everyone who shows up gets a Crunchyroll wristband, and we’ll be giving out prizes during the panel! We’ll have some awesome announcements so stop by and hang out ~ !

Panel details:

  • Crunchyroll Industry Panel
    October 8th @ 6:45PM EST
    Room 1A24 in the Javits Center

See you all on Thursday!


The @Viewster Industry Panel at #NYCC is on Saturday, October 10th in Room 1A01 at 6:30PM. It’s all about OMAKASE and we have big news!!! :3

[size=16]Biting the Big Apple at New York Comic-Con![/size]
Posted by Godswill on 10/07/2015 at 11:46am


Our friends at the New York Comic Con and Twitch will livestream the #NYCC #Robotech presentation this Saturday (Oct. 10th) at 12:15 p.m. EDT!

Fans can view the NYCC livestream via the link below:


[size=16]Press Release: Book☆Walker Unveils Site Redesign & New Titles at NYCC 2015[/size]
Oct 9th 2015

[size=16]Press Release: Virtual Artist, IA will Debut in NYC This Weekend as Part of NY Comic Con Presents NY Super Week[/size]
Oct 9th 2015

[size=16]Press Release: Japanese Rock band L’Arc En Ciel Concert Film Plays In NYC Oct. 18th[/size]
Oct 9th 2015

Oct 15, 2015 @ 01:03 PM

October 25, 2015 10:31am CDT


###Press Release: Assassination Classroom Creator Yusei Matsui Heading to New York Comic Con
Jun 10th 2016


###Spice and Wolf Author Hasekura to Appear at NYCC
posted on 2016-08-29 15:00 EDT
Yen Press announces Spice and Wolf limited edition omnibus novel


###2016 NYCC Panels Schedule
Sep 1, 2016


###Screen Gems Invades NYCC with Resident Evil and Underworld
SEPTEMBER 12, 2016