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No audio ONLY with certain titles

I was browsing through the various selections and tried a few of the ‘Super Happy Funtime.’

They are being broadcast with no audio.
Action Zone and Girl Power are broadcasting normally.

TAN would need to know which titles you are having problems with as well a your zip code, and which cable service you have to be able to fix errors with on-demand titles.

Welcome to TAN.

That definitely sounds to be more of a problem with your cable provider, especially since no one else has reported it. I had the same issue before every once in a while when I would attempt to watch certain episodes on Comcast, both on TAN and other channels.

I am a DirecTV customer, and I just saw this “no audio no subtitle” problem today.

It was episode 4 of Legends of the Dark King; I had audio during the commercial before the show, but nothing during the show itself.

I am calling DirecTV about this as well.

Thanks in advance for any information on this problem.

Anime Network is aware of the problem and looking into it. I haven’t gotten any info beyond that yet.