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Photos of Japan....Part "San"* (*Three)


Yeah, I did have a chance to go to Seoul for a while, that is one fun city!

Oh, by the way…here is a web page I go to for info. about events going around Tokyo and Japan. Has some great articles as well about Japan itself! Later!


G’day from Sydney, Australia! Oh wait! This is not right! Give me a sec!


There that’s better! After all, they don’t call it “downunder” for nothing. Anyway, I just got back a few days ago after doing a temp. duty call and…Man, did I have a blast with the Ausse Navy, those crazy blokes know how to party downtown on ya! " Bringing the thunder when your in the downunder, mate!" was our call sign. I’ll try to up date then I get a chance! Happy Thanksgiving! Later!


How do they keep the water in the ocean when they’re upside-down like that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great pics again, Drifter!!


Slowhand wrote:

[quote]How do they keep the water in the ocean when they’re upside-down like that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great pics again, Drifter!![/quote]

Gravity baby, gravity!

Oh, here’s a little secret for ya I found out while I was down here.”Foster’s is not “Australian for beer”. As one local put it; “We can’t stand the stuff, that’s why we export it! Try a XXXX, Blue Tooth, VB or my favorite Pure Blonde, mate! He says handing me one. Later!


Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year! Year of the Tiger!:laugh:


Beautiful photo! And Merry Christmas to you as well!


Hay now, long time no see! Here’s one of many examples where things get “Lost in translation”.

I don’t know about you…but, that’s gotta be some horsefly!


And of course there’s this!


Here’s a couple around Yokohama city. This is the red brick werehouse area.


MM21 in Yokohama.


And around an old section of Yokohama city at dusk.


Alright now this. This will be my last photo post for a little while. Why? Because it’s my turn to go back to the Middle-East once more(My number came up again.), so photos will be on hold. I hope to be doing this with you again in about a year’s time. I can’t tell you where I’m going as of now so please don’t ask me. That will come in good time, I will come on every now and then just to say “Hi!” and such. If anybody is going to Japan soon while I’m not doing this by all means use this thread. Later!:laugh:


I’m sure that you didn’t translate the true meaning of those signs for us! <horsefly…>

The ‘red brick warehouse area’, sounds like the setting for a movie with Marlon Brando!

I love ferris wheels!

You always take the best pics, Drifter, and I’ll miss seeing them for… over a year???

Please be careful at whatever it is you’ll be doing and be safe. :slight_smile:


Keep your head down bro!


So far, so good! B) Though the sun is very bright and hot out here!


Summer in the middle east, that’s got to be brutal. Glad you’re still ok man!


Long time no see DRIFTER. Glad to see some old school faces still kickin’ haha. Cant wait to see what you show us next!