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POLL: Twix Pick A Side


you can pick a side you like in general

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@Kyouta the title is a bit confusing, but if you mean Twix candies, like I think you, do then I almost always bite them in half. Hardly ever break the two pieces apart.

BTW, We’ve gotten the Green Tea flavored ones from the Asian market here in Orlando and they proved to be surprisingly popular in the family.

Mark Gosdin


i heard of green tea flavor kitkats but not twix thats new


Ha! You’re right, my mind was playing tricks on me. It’s KitKat that has the Green Tea flavored version.

I can’t even plead lack of Coffee, just getting old I suppose.

Mark Gosdin


do you eat kitkats or you eat something else


It was KitKats all the way. Not that I’d pass up a Twix bar at all, just my brain was misfiring. :confounded:

Mark Gosdin


if you eat kitkat then i can see you getting they confused they are kind of alike



They both sound good. :yum: Siding with coconut here



Something new to the line up