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Poll: Which Summer 2016 Movie Are You Looking Forward to Seeing?


Which Summer 2016 Movie are you likely to see?

There’s quite a bit of exciting stuff coming out. What has your attention?

  1. Star Trek Beyond

  2. Independance Day: Resurgence

  3. Ghostbusters

  4. Finding Dory

  5. Suicide Squad

  6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

  7. Alice Through the Looking Glass

  8. Other (Please Specify)

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If time allows and auto-lock doesn’t trigger based on # of votes, I’ll close this poll around the end of August.


I’m definitely excited for Independance Day: Resurgance. The trailer looked incredible so I hope it’s good.


Suicide Squad for me. Looks awesome.


i would like to see finding dory because the first one was good. but i voted for the ninja turtles that looks even better way cooler


Star Trek Beyond is the only one I’m really excited for, especially since the second trailer came out. I didn’t hate the first trailer, unlike so many others, but the second one was much, much better.

I’m completely burned out on super hero movies, so none of those make the cut for me. I will probably go see Finding Dory though. Nemo is probably my favorite Pixar movie.


Welcome back @dragonrider_cody! It’s great to see you again. :smiley:


Poll has been closed.