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Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure | Ep. 16 Preview | The Witch’s Trap! Laura Was Captured!

Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure | Ep. 17 Preview | Mermaid’s Miracle. Transform! Cure La Mer!

Mermaidnapped! | Tropical-Rouge! Precure

Check Out All-song Preview for Tropical-Rouge! Precure Vocal Album

June 20, 2021 8:45pm CDT
The latest 17th episode is now available to Crunchyroll Premium members

Cure La Mer Transformation | Tropical-Rouge! Precure

Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure | Ep. 18 Preview | I’ll Walk! I’ll Swim! Laura’s First Day of School!

Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure | Ep. 19 Preview | Manatsu Panics. School’s Seven Legends!

Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure | E20 Preview | Great Detective Minorin! The Missing Melon Bread Case!

Toei Reveals Tropical-Rouge! Precure Anime Film With October 23 Opening

posted on 2021-07-13 20:56 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Film crosses over Tropical-Rouge! Precure, Heartcatch Precure!

Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure | Episode 21 Preview | Summer Break. Tropical Club’s Camp Plan!

Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure | Ep 22 Preview | A Secret Grand Adventure! Find the Mermaid’s Treasure!


Watch Cure Summer’s & Cure La Mer’s Cute Dance Performance in Their Character Song Video

July 23, 2021 9:38pm CDT
The 11-song first character song album ranked 24th on its first day

Girls are Enjoying The Summer Sea in Tropical-Rouge! Precure 22nd Episode Image Art

July 31, 2021 12:27am CDT
The18th PreCure TV series is now simulcast on Crunchyroll

Tropical-Rouge! Precure Anime Film’s Trailer Highlights Heartcatch Precure Characters

posted on 2021-08-01 20:32 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Tropical-Rouge! Precure/Heartcatch Precure! crossover opens on October 23

Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure | Ep 23 Preview | The Minamino Festival. Laura, Tell Us Your Wish!

Japanese Comedian Satoshi Mukai Makes Guest Appearance in Tropical-Rouge! Precure

August 09, 2021 7:10pm CDT
“I’m very happy because my anime character was also created!”

Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure | Episode 24 Preview

ANN Review - Tropical-Rouge! Precure Episodes 13-24

by Rebecca Silverman, Aug 20th 2021


Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure | Episode 25 Preview

Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure | Episode 26 Official Preview

Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure | Episode 27 Official Preview

Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure | Episode 28 Official Preview

Let’s Learn Tropical-Rouge! Precure 2nd ED Theme Dance in Lesson Video with Cure Summer!

September 21, 2021 9:47pm CDT
The 18th Precure TV series has been simulcast on Crunchyroll