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Pretty Rhythm / PriPara

The Pretty Series 10th Anniversary Project Includes Rice Farming by “Idol Time Pripara” Yui Yumekawa

March 25, 2021 7:38pm CDT
The harvested rice will be sold as “Pretty Rice”

“PriPara” VA Idol Unit i☆Ris’ Final Concert with Six Members Gets DVD/Blu-ray Release on July 7, 2021

March 28, 2021 8:12pm CDT
“With new hope in our hearts, i☆Ris and Azuki Shibuya will continue to move forward.”

All Familiar Idols Return in Idol Land Pripara Anime Teaser PV

April 08, 2021 7:15pm CDT
The highly-anticipated sequel is set to premiere in the summer 2021

Run Girls, Run! Shows Off Their Virtual World Performance in Kirrato Pri☆Chan New OP Theme MV

April 15, 2021 7:10pm CDT
The long-running idol anime has entered its “Queen’s Grand Prix” arc