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Princess Resurrection Final 2 episodes coming in January


[size=4]Princess Resurrection Final 2 episodes[/size] (for Free VOD)

Unfortunately due to some production circumstances, the final 2 episodes of Princess Resurrection were delayed. But they are still coming down the VOD pipeline and are scheduled to be shown in January. Anime Network told me to convey their apologies for the unfortunate delay and to thank you for your understanding.


AS one of the first (I think) to bring this up, I’d like to say thank you to the fine people at AN and you, dragoon, for the quick reply and the solution to the missing Princess Resurrection episodes.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


That’s why I bought me the DVD’s. I can watch them anytime I want.


I was wondering where they had gone. I was getting into that series. Glad to see they will coming to the OD service


I’m calling bullsht on this Delay sht. It just mean they forgot to add them to the programing guide and they will be shown next year.


Considering the extended delay, it’s probably due to some problem with the digital files they use, or some other production related issue. TAN has easily added things to the programming schedule at the last minute in the past, so there’s no reason they couldn’t do so with this, if it really was that easy.