Recently bought legal DVD's /Online/Other


Having got the Star Blazers LE as well, I thought the art book was decent, but the art cards were lacking


Finally got around to picking this up, thanks to the Funi School sale:

One of the few Funi series that can’t be watched on VRV, but I’ve seen so many funny clips on YouTube, I had to get it.


It should be in the Crunchyroll section of VRV since it’s not dubbed. I know I saw it pop back up in CR’s site recently.


Well, darn…


With the Sony thing, it may disappear again at some point. So it’s good to get the home video.

Crunchyroll News

Went ahead and picked these up . So all that’s left is the S movie , Super S movie , Part 2’s for these three , and Stars when ever that happens .




Got a glitter bomb in the making and Mindgame in today .


So, when the planets align towards the Big Dipper, right after a Blue Blood Moon, and exacty half of the population of Australia is asleep, right before a Monday sanctioned postal holiday, the Intercession City Post Office will hand out a package on a Saturday morning between 10 and 11 am.

This just so happened to be that day.

There were two packages given to me this morning.

The first is my very own Glitter Bomb:

And the second will be posted in the K-ON! thread (Hope that’s ok with ya’ll)


Fairy Tail Season 11
No Game No Life: Zero BD


Went ahead got this . Also pre-ordered that other thing .



No comment …

Forgot this .


Came today . Figured I’d better pick it up before it actually got hard to find .
Got something else as well ,but waiting on some stuff that looks like the old spinning lady is delaying .


Sweet pickup @psychopuppet!

Also, how could you forget about the Dragon Maid? :cry:


I kept meaning to get it then it popped up when I was checking out on something else as people bought with . $69 as went with the seller that had better feedback .

Dragon Maid I was watching when I was taking pictures then got distracted and did not notice to after I posted . Watched the first disc . Just waiting on access to the other tv where the couch is to finish .


Eromanga Sensei is the first thing I’ve bought from Aniplex Of America since I believe the Puella Magi Madoka Magica TV LE’s .


This is a birthday gift from a friend:

Honestly very happy to get this :blush::blush::blush:


Talk about a glitter bomb . All over the place . Book is awesome . Rings on the other hand are kind of meh for the long delay they caused . The two inner boxes are nice ,but the ring box and outer slip are very very thin . Like just a bit better then paper .
@Slowhand darn rain .


I’m still trying to justify Triple Dipping for the Utena BD’s as I have the Software Sculptor DVD set and the DVD Deluxe Edition Right Stuf put out a few years ago.


I have the Rightstuf LE DVD sets as well . I’m happy with this for the sale price last week ,but at Rightstuf regular price I’d have just spent the money on the 3 sets as while it’s a nice set the book is the best extra and i believe it’s pretty much what was included with the 3 LE DVD sets . I’d have to pull them from my storage boxes to check for sure . The chipboard boxes are nice ,but I believe they over did the design . Two extra steps to get to the contents .