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Giving AnimEigo some love today . Shipped yesterday and here today . Also nice they charge what the original Kickstarter was unlike some companies . Plus what other company sends a replacement disc along because of artwork error even though they could have swapped right there . Going to put a pre-order in for Gunsmith Cats Friday .


Came today . A show that the artbox was a tin box when it was released by Geneon and some buried garbage brought to the surface one again . One other thing came ,but waiting on the other part before I post . Not watched Angel Cop since the VHS days . Thought this would be a good choice for my first nendoroid .


Alderamin on the Sky - The Complete Series – Blu-ray


Came today: Zillions Slip with all the fake wear is pretty neat . It’s a shame it’s not a artbox or something like the Target limited edition version of Strangers Things Season 1 .
The others were cheap enough for me to finally pick them up .


@psychopuppet. Not trying to burst your bubble or anything, but you didn’t have to settle for the S.A.V.E versions of Strike Witches. On the Funi Store, the original combo release of Season 1 is $19.99 and the Limited Edition Box of Season 2 is $24.99, and they’re both still in stock:


It’s not that bad actually. Just flip the inserts on S1 & 2 of Strike Witches, and they’ll look like the initial release without the Ugly green SAVE band


Very true. The lime green doesn’t bother me too much, especially if it’s on a harder to complete series (Welcome to the NHK). It’s just a little bit of a shame that the original release (Including a LE set!) costs practically the same as the budget release, when purchased directly from Funi.

Something even more of a shame is they still have both DVD-only releases still available as well, both at the ABOVE the budget release cost of $19.99! :upside_down_face:


Both DVD-ONLY releases are out of stock


I’m fine with the save editions . It was under $30 total for the two seasons . This way the other $14 and change difference can go towards the movie .


Accel World: Infinite Burst BD
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 OVA
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation Movies
Princess Principal Complete Collection BD

Also picked up a CD collection with the opening/ending themes for Durarara and Durararax2


Orange - The Complete Series - Essentials – Blu-ray
Sailor Moon S: The Movie – Blu-ray


My Gundam Sale DVD order came today . I’ll probably replace V and Turn A with the Blu-rays at a later date ,but for $10 each could not pass . Should be posting in the Sentai thread ,but as I figured the post office did not get them out of Harrisburg in time to deliver here today .


Came today . Finished up the original run on Blu-ray .


Came Yesterday ,but been a bit busy so just now posting .


Your SND Burst already arrived? My copy from Crunchyroll hasn’t even been shipped yet…


I was surprised I never got a shipping notice and it never got listed as in stock at Target . So thought I was not getting it . They’ve been having trouble getting Sentai , Discotek ,and most of the other anime releases in on release ,but seems like Funimation titles are fine . Knock on wood .


Accel World: Infinite Burst – Blu-ray
Tsuredure Children - Complete Collection


Came today . Gundam 00 took the long way original delivery date was last Tuesday .
Now if you’ll excuse me back to hopefully asleep .


I pre-ordered this not realizing it was a Mill Creek release . They did something I’ve not seen the big companies do for a steelbook . Include a clear slip cover that had the back info printed on it and the title stuff printed on the front plus sides . There is some more on the front . For the price I feel I got my money’s worth for a rerelease.


Mail : Nichijou was supposed to come yesterday . Arpeggio of Blue Steel I ordered yesterday and it was here today . Part of my Best Buy Sentai order also shipped yesterday and was here today . I’ll post those when the rest that shipped today get here later this week . Looks like stuff is shipping faster already so just be aware .


Star Blazers 2199 Part 2