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Recently bought legal DVD's /Online/Other


Order these during the weekly sale at Rightstuf .


Came today

Came today :

Putting this purchase in a drop-down just cause

Pre-order, and subsequent purchase date: May 16th 2018

Original release date: August 21st 2018

First postponment release date: September 18th 2018

Second postponment, and official release date: October 30th 2018

Personal email stating it was in pre shipment: October 24th 2018

Personal email stating it had been shipped: October 29th 2018

Replacement copy shipped Priority Mail: November 8th 2018

At the post office this morning:

It’s here. It’s finally here :sob::sob::sob:


Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel 1 Presage Flower Limited Edition BD
Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions: Take on Me BD
Mouse Complete Collection


Showed up today:

I had to rush to pick this up during my lunch break at 11am on a double shift, or wait until next week, since our Post Office is closed through Monday. I’m so hungry right now…

Also, this is a Crunchyroll production! It must have been released before the Crunchy Funi partnership :thinking:


World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman - Complete Series – Blu-ray,

Digimon Adventure tri.: Loss
Joker Game - The Complete Series (Essentials) – Blu-ray,
Karneval - Complete Series - S.A.V.E. – Blu-ray
Hetalia - Season 6
Tales of the Abyss - The Complete Series – Blu-ray
Yamada-kun & the 7 Witches - The Complete Series


Black Friday Shopping:
Beautiful Bones Complete Collection BD
A Certain Magical Index II Season 2
Noein Limited Edition Collection
Psychic School Wars
Shirobako Collection 1 BD
Shirobako Collection 2 BD

Bought these over the last few days .

Target gave me a 20% off coupon when I bought something while I was in there Black Friday that became active on the 27th . I had planned on getting the Made in Abyss PBS ,but decided to give Discotek some love instead .


Resident Evil: Vendetta

Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl Vocal Collection (aka with English Dub!)

You may ask “Why 2 copies?”. The reason is 1 copy has been mine for a few years, but disc 1 looked like it had gotten belt sanded. I was fortunate enough to find another non DVD-R print with a much less damaged disc 1 and box.

The left one is new box and disc 1 with my disc 2 and 3, and the right is the reverse of that (with a fairly bad disc 3 if I might add)

Just some random stuff from a few different companies .

Three of these came from Rightstuf and shipped on the 29th .


Banner of the Stars Complete Collection
Cowboy Bebop The Movie: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door BD Steelbok Edition
Crest of the Stars Complete Collection
Fairy Tail Zero

Since Funimation did nothing different with the video between this and the newer set . I went ahead and finally got this set during yesterday’s Amazon 1 day sale .


My RS CM Funi sale item arrived today as well, just didn’t get a chance to post.

Lucky Star!!!


Rightstuf and a corrected delivery by a honest person Amazon order :
Now what to do with these art cards that won’t fit inside the LE box ?


Put them in the envelope with the ones from Girlfriend is A Gal?


So far, the only RS Mega Deal I’ve gotten this year:

@psychopuppet You didn’t say the cards came in their own envelope.

Also, a little salty that this got a PBS, while Dragon Maid didn’t…


Yeah ,but they could have made the box a little bigger so they’d go inside . It is still odd Dragon Maid did not get a LE .