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Recently bought legal DVD's /Online/Other


These came yesterday and today .


Going to be busy for a few, This came today( only could afford the regular edition with everything else coming out)



Honestly didn’t know this Xebec Ecchi Comedy existed until that Crunchyroll list a few days ago.

Very thankful to have found this version set. It’s a Media Blasters title, so that pretty much meant the complete collection version on RS would be DVD-R…

Disc 1 is belt sanded, but somehow still playing, but that can be replaced easily since there are single copies on eBay. Luckily, discs 2, 3, and the OVA disc appear to be in decent shape :blush:


I have the original premium DVD release ,but decided to get these for the Blu-ray while they were on sale . I remember the replacement program was a pain for me as they ended up sending out three or four sets before they finally got one out to me not scratched to heck or cracked . It did help them to perfect thier replacememt packing though .


Ai Tenchi Muyo! - The Complete Series – Blu-ray,
Clockwork Planet - The Complete Series – Blu-ray,
Rainbow Days - Complete Series – Blu-ray


Half of a RightStuf order (the other half will be next year), and my (hopefully) replacement copy of disc 1 of Kanokon.


Kanokon V1 is immaculate! :grin::grin::grin:


This is what my best friend got me for Christmas:

I usually send him an email with what I want, and since the cheaper classic collection of ReLife came out, putting that and the final arc release on the list played off


Got for christmas/with christmas money:
Banner of the Stars - Complete Collection
Castle Town Dandelion - Complete Series – Blu-ray
Death Parade Classics Blu-ray
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Season 1 Essentials Blu-ray
Freezing Vibration Season 2 Essentials Blu-ray
Grimgar Essentials Blu-ray
Handa-kun Essentials Blu-ray
Overlord Season 1 Classics Blu-ray
Ping Pong Blu-ray/DVD SAVE Edition
Servamp Season 1 Essentials Blu-ray
Star Blazers Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Part 1 Blu-ray/DVD


Came today : Threw Lucky Star in with my Votoms pre-order to get free shipping .


Last Anime package of the Year :
Fastest shipping I’ve seen from them ordered the 27th . Actually I am came Friday .


Cancelled a duplicate on christmas money order that was out of stock. Still had money left over on gift card to get something else and leave enough left over for the remaining pre orders.
Overman King Gainer Volume 4
Zatch Bell Movie 1 101st Devil


Saw this on the a RightStuf newsletter recently and noticed I missed this.

  • Overlord II


With my RightStuf gift card, I got Cat Girl Nuku Nuku


Target 15% off sale last week and some ok deals with the 5% off coupons at Amazon got me . With three of these and the two coming later this week feel other then Re:Zero I got most of the titles I really wanted from the Funi/Cr deal . Re:Zero just trying to decide do I need the LE .


Ordered A Centuar’s Life and Interview with Monster Girls

from Target while they had 15% off then And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online? was free shipping filler .


Last of the Target sale stuff .


Cheer Boys!! Essentials Blu-ray
Dragonar Academy - Complete Series - S.A.V.E. - Combo Pack – Blu-ray


Fate/Apocrypha Set 1
Lupin the 3rd TV 2 Set 3
Overlord Season 2 Limited Edition


Got with birthday money:
Brave Witches - Complete Collection – Blu-ray,
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card - Part 1 – Blu-ray
Gintama - Series 3, Part 2 - Combo Pack – Blu-ray
Heroic Legend of Arslan - Season 1, Part 1 - Combo Pack – Blu-ray
K - The Complete Series
Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World - Complete Collection – Blu-ray,
One Piece Movie 08 - Episode of Alabaster – Blu-ray
Relife - Final Arc – Blu-ray,
Royal Tutor, The - Complete Collection – Blu-ray
Seven Deadly Sins- Part 2


Got two boxes from Rightstuf today . One normal folded cardboard mailer and Blend-S came in a decent sized box for 1 item . These were both supposed to be here Thursday ,but got caught in Philly like most things for me .