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Kinda want to get Blend S as well, but the price tag…


Like with almost all Aniplex titles i have I was not to happy paying it to tell the truth . Probably be feeling like I got my money’s worth even less when the upcoming Funimation and Sentai stuff comes in . :rofl:


That’s why I only buy Aniplex titles that I totally want to have, I’ve had to pass on Blend-S and Irregular at Magic High School, Grancrest and SAO GGOA, because as much as I’ve liked those shows really can’t justify the Price tag. Same with PonyCanyon and Sound! Euphonium


Received today:

-Maquia (Get the tissues ready, it’s a wonderful film why it did not get nominated for the Anime awards is beyond me)
-Overlord II regular Edition


Don’t get me wrong Blend-S and the few other Aniplex titles I own are all something I really wanted from them . I’ve just not been happy with thier pricing for most titles which is why I own so little of thier releases . The only one I think I was not twitchy about the price was Read or Die .


Got these in the mail today .




Picked three things up from the sale at Best Buy online . No Game No Life Zero LE was $12.99 so threw it in for a gift to give to someone at a later date . Pilot Candidate came from someplace else . One of the few older Adult Swim run Anime titles I was missing .


Was not expecting these or would have waited to post the stuff from yesterday . Tracking from Funimation still shows it as in Texas waiting to be picked up .


Ancient Magus Bride - Part 1 – Blu-ray
Lu Over the Wall – Blu-ray


Takagi-San arrived today:

The Aww levels are almost half as big as their foreheads :joy:


A few more things from Best Buy and a used eBay purchase . Hopefully I did not already have Spice and Wolf . I don’t think I do as I would have gotten the first release if I did and it’d have been on my list .


Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions Seasons 1&2 Complete Collection
Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions: Rika Takanashi Verson
ReLife Season 1
ReLife: Final Arc
ReZero Part 2


Overman King Gainer, Vol. 3 - Exodus 3
Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars – Blu-ray (I count most co productions as anime)


Mail from Best Buy , Target , and two movies from Amazon .


Get the tissues ready when you decide to watch Maquia