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Recently bought legal DVD's /Online/Other


KanColle: Kantai Collection - Complete Collection
One Piece: 3D2Y
Twin Star Exorcists - Part 1 – Blu-ray,


Took advantage of the daily deal at Rightstuf a few days ago and the Funimation Doki Doki sale one last time . One more thing came ,but waiting for the other part .


I got a good deal on the first season (Not save edition price ,but did not care for the save editions reverse cover choice ) so I ordered the second from Funimation . Second season came yesterday ,but first got delayed by a day . This way I’m set for the third when it comes to instead of having a oddball with the save edition .


So, my friend (the one who also got me SND:D and TLR :CC) stopped by this evening. She brought me this present, and said:

“Here ya go. I’m sorry for not being able to stop by and check on how you’ve been doing after you left the hospital, but here’s a show with cute girls showing off their goods. Hopefully this makes up for it”

I have unique friends, don’t I? :joy::joy::joy:


Well this was a odd mail week . Had stuff get delayed for a day or two so all 6 boxes popped up this morning . Two tubes are lithographs for Fireworks and Digimon Tri . @MaouSadao you reminded me I did not own Senran Kagura and Takagi-San one of the other Crunchy/Funi titles I wanted to pick up . Ordered both from Target as I still had a gift card balance which is now gone . Future Diary I’ve had for a few days ,but forgot it the other day . Of course the best thing in all of this is the two Galaxy Express 999 movies on Blu-ray . Both came with cool little hard tickets . Heard Discotek added some artificial grain to them to correct the unfortunate undo-able mistake toei did when they “ restored” them . So curious to see how that looks .

Ticket pictures

Editing in this . Came today March 2, 2019 . It’s a bit of green .


The Ancient Magus’ Bride Part 1 Limited Edition
Fate/Apocrypha Set 2


At least now you’re ready for St Patrick’s Day :wink:


ēlDLIVE - The Complete Series – Blu-ray
In Another World with My Smartphone - Combo Pack – Blu-ray
Mazinger Z: Infinity – Blu-ray


These Arrived today


Came today .


This was the farewell gift from the team of my old Mcds :sob:

(I think the most humorus part is I was contemplating getting Girl Online a little while ago :joy:)


Found a reasonable priced BD copy of HLP:F a couple days ago. Combined it with my PBS DVD set and season 1. The postcards and DVD case sleeve are in Fortes BD case.

Pics of how I have it set up

Decided to keep the original DVDs in the set since I’ve had them for a while, and it appears that aside from skimping on the disc artwork, they used the same masters :thinking:


Darling LE is pretty nice . All are nice ,but like it the best of the three . Playing cards were the other part of my free $25 blind box .

Edit: Just got the boxes that came while I was gone yesterday . Been eating matcha and fudge ice cream after I took the picture so have sticky hands at the moment will post pictures of the film piece later in the show/movies threads .


Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory Limited Edition
Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Nue These Complete Collection
Star Blazers 2202 Part 1 Limited Edition


Came in the mail today . Ajin part two with out the artbox and the playing cards were from my pi day blind box . I think I have around 15 or so packs of those playing cards . I used to use them for shipping filler cause sometimes the sale discount would put stuff under the free shipping mark . Guess they have so many they throw them in with the blind boxes .


Wait. Ajin part 2 was your pi day blind box? Even though it’s not complete, that’s crazy!


Yep . I’m thinking they must have been from a set that was dismantled to replace a damaged artbox . It’s the Blu-ray , dvd’s And the book .

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Got my Ship notices for DitF Part 1 LE, Yamato: 2202 Part 1 LE, and for the first part of Aria The Natural as part of the Kickstarter


Just got my ship notice for the Kimagure Orange Road TV BD from Right Stuf.



Thankfully my Kimagure Orange Road shipped as well . Looks like Discotek underestimated sales as it’s sold out on Rightstuf , Best Buy , and Amazon of course for some reason removed the listing .