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KanColle: Kantai Collection - Complete Collection
One Piece: 3D2Y
Twin Star Exorcists - Part 1 – Blu-ray,


Took advantage of the daily deal at Rightstuf a few days ago and the Funimation Doki Doki sale one last time . One more thing came ,but waiting for the other part .


I got a good deal on the first season (Not save edition price ,but did not care for the save editions reverse cover choice ) so I ordered the second from Funimation . Second season came yesterday ,but first got delayed by a day . This way I’m set for the third when it comes to instead of having a oddball with the save edition .


So, my friend (the one who also got me SND:D and TLR :CC) stopped by this evening. She brought me this present, and said:

“Here ya go. I’m sorry for not being able to stop by and check on how you’ve been doing after you left the hospital, but here’s a show with cute girls showing off their goods. Hopefully this makes up for it”

I have unique friends, don’t I? :joy::joy::joy:


Well this was a odd mail week . Had stuff get delayed for a day or two so all 6 boxes popped up this morning . Two tubes are lithographs for Fireworks and Digimon Tri . @MaouSadao you reminded me I did not own Senran Kagura and Takagi-San one of the other Crunchy/Funi titles I wanted to pick up . Ordered both from Target as I still had a gift card balance which is now gone . Future Diary I’ve had for a few days ,but forgot it the other day . Of course the best thing in all of this is the two Galaxy Express 999 movies on Blu-ray . Both came with cool little hard tickets . Heard Discotek added some artificial grain to them to correct the unfortunate undo-able mistake toei did when they “ restored” them . So curious to see how that looks .

Ticket pictures

Editing in this . Came today March 2, 2019 . It’s a bit of green .


The Ancient Magus’ Bride Part 1 Limited Edition
Fate/Apocrypha Set 2


At least now you’re ready for St Patrick’s Day :wink:


ēlDLIVE - The Complete Series – Blu-ray
In Another World with My Smartphone - Combo Pack – Blu-ray
Mazinger Z: Infinity – Blu-ray


These Arrived today


Came today .


This was the farewell gift from the team of my old Mcds :sob:

(I think the most humorus part is I was contemplating getting Girl Online a little while ago :joy:)


Found a reasonable priced BD copy of HLP:F a couple days ago. Combined it with my PBS DVD set and season 1. The postcards and DVD case sleeve are in Fortes BD case.

Pics of how I have it set up

Decided to keep the original DVDs in the set since I’ve had them for a while, and it appears that aside from skimping on the disc artwork, they used the same masters :thinking:


Darling LE is pretty nice . All are nice ,but like it the best of the three . Playing cards were the other part of my free $25 blind box .

Edit: Just got the boxes that came while I was gone yesterday . Been eating matcha and fudge ice cream after I took the picture so have sticky hands at the moment will post pictures of the film piece later in the show/movies threads .


Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory Limited Edition
Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Nue These Complete Collection
Star Blazers 2202 Part 1 Limited Edition


Came in the mail today . Ajin part two with out the artbox and the playing cards were from my pi day blind box . I think I have around 15 or so packs of those playing cards . I used to use them for shipping filler cause sometimes the sale discount would put stuff under the free shipping mark . Guess they have so many they throw them in with the blind boxes .


Wait. Ajin part 2 was your pi day blind box? Even though it’s not complete, that’s crazy!


Yep . I’m thinking they must have been from a set that was dismantled to replace a damaged artbox . It’s the Blu-ray , dvd’s And the book .


Got my Ship notices for DitF Part 1 LE, Yamato: 2202 Part 1 LE, and for the first part of Aria The Natural as part of the Kickstarter