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Rent-A-Girlfriend / Kanojo, Okarishimasu

Rent-a-Girlfriend TV Anime Asks Japanese Fans for Support to Secure 2nd Season

September 25, 2020 1:38am CDT
The last episode of Rent-a-Girlfriend will stream on Crunchyroll today!


FEATURE: Swipe Right On These Top Rent-a-Girlfriend Dates

September 25, 2020 10:00am CDT
Best Dates and Girlfriend


Rent-A-Girlfriend Anime Gets 2nd Season

posted on 2020-09-25 13:27 EDT by Jennifer Sherman
1st season’s 12th/final episode aired on Saturday


All the Best Girls From Rent-a-Girlfriend Come to Life From Japan’s Top Cosplayer in Real-Life TV Anime OP

September 25, 2020 11:52pm CDT
Enako returns to Rent-a-Girlfriend as all the girls this time 'round!

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Sora Amamiya to Digitally Release Rent-A-Girlfriend Final Episode Insert Song Tomorrow

September 26, 2020 2:10am CDT
The well-received TV anime’s final 12th episode is now available for Crunchyroll Premium members


Rent-a-Girlfriend Creator and TV Anime Staff React to Season 2 Announcement

September 26, 2020 3:23am CDT
The series continued to trend on Twitter in Japan long after the announcement!


It’s Gotta be You! | Rent-a-Girlfriend

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Guess it’s time to marathon the first season then . Hopefully the CR Roku app actually works right when I do .

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Buzz Off! | Rent-a-Girlfriend

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Stay Away from Kazuya! | Rent-a-Girlfriend

This Week in Anime - Is Rent-a-Girlfriend’s Kazuya Bad or The Absolute Worst?

by Nicholas Dupree & Steve Jones, Oct 1st 2020

QUIZ: Which Rent-a-Girlfriend Girl Is Your Perfect Match?

October 11, 2020 10:00am CDT
Take our quiz and meet your match!

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Rent-a-Girlfriend Exhibit Lets You Enjoy a Date with Your Best Girl

October 11, 2020 6:05pm CDT
Special exhibition shows off new merch and features

FEATURE: Rent-A-Girlfriend Is The Best Romcom In Ages

October 18, 2020 10:00am CDT
Kazuzya and his cohorts have more going on than it may seem on the surface

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EVENT REPORT: Going on a Date With Chizuru to the Rent-a-Girlfriend Exhibition in Tokyo

October 27, 2020 10:00am CDT
Visuals, manga panels, and even costumes were on display!

‘Mami Rap’ is Previewed Before the Upcoming Rent-a-Girlfriend TV Anime Japanese Blu-Ray Release

November 11, 2020 8:56am CST
Volume 3 cover art featuring Ruka is also revealed

FEATURE: How Much Has Kazuya Spent On Dates So Far?

December 12, 2020 10:00am CST
Kazuya is paying a pretty penny to keep up his fake dating act

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Character Songs for Restless Ruka and Sweet Sumi Previewed Ahead of Rent-a-Girlfriend JP BD Release

December 23, 2020 5:18am CST
The third Blu-ray volume for Rent-a-Girlfriend was released today in Japan

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Creator of Rent-a-Girlfriend Comments on Anime Award Nominations

January 16, 2021 12:00pm CST
Reiji Miyajima shared a statement with Crunchyroll after the adaptation of his series received two nominations

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Rie Takahashi to Appear on Rent-a-Girlfriend Manga Creator’s Livestream on January 29

January 24, 2021 9:09am CST
The pair will be celebrating the release of the 4th Blu-ray volume

Rent-A-Girlfriend Anime Season 2 to Air in 2022

posted on 2021-02-28 07:13 EST by Egan Loo

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Warning - contains spoilers


Warning - contains spoilers


Sentai License Announcement in December 2021 Slate


Complete Collection Cover/Disc Art