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Saki Episode of Side A / Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A


###Saki Episode of Side A/Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A


Objectionable content: None
Plot Summary: Nodoka Haramura’s appearance on television playing in a high school mahjong tournament inspires her old Jr. high school friends to reform their schools club so they can meet and play her in the National High School Mahjong Tournament.
Number of episodes: 15
Vintage: 2012-04-08

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Saki Episode of Side A Anime to Air 3 More Episodes

posted on 2012-06-09 05:43 EDT

Saki anime spinoff originally planned for 1 quarter of a year

On Tuesday, the July issue of Square Enix’s Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine is publishing an interview with the Saki Episode of Side A anime staff that reveals that three more episodes will air, beyond the planned one-cours (one-quarter) allotment.


Happy to hear this. :slight_smile: I am fascinated by how competitive mahjong can be among these school girls.


###Saki Episode of Side A’s 13th Episode to Air in December
posted on 2012-10-28 03:24 EDT
PSP game, StylipS album with new anime opening to arrive next year

###Saki’s National Tournament Arc Gets TV Anime
posted on 2012-10-28 08:32 EDT
Main staff returns from 1st 2 shows with Episode of Side A’s Studio Gokumi


Saki Episode of Side A #13 Slated for December 24

posted on 2012-11-24 22:55 EST

The official blog and Twitter account for the Saki anime franchise announced on Saturday that the new 13th episode of Saki Episode of Side A will premiere on the AT-X channel on December 24 at 11:30 p.m. It will then repeat three times between December 26 and December 30. The seventh Blu-ray/DVD volume will include this special episode when it ships on February 20, 2013.


Chiwa Saito, Megumi Toyoguchi Join Saki Episode of Side A Cast

posted on 2012-12-07 17:00 EST

Kaori Shimizu also joins cast for 3 special episodes premiering this month

The following additional cast members will be featured in the three extra episodes of the Saki Episode of Side A television anime series that will begin airing in December.

Chiwa Saito as Awai Ōhoshi
Megumi Toyoguchi as Takami Shibuya
Kaori Shimizu as Seiko Matano

The three girls are members of the mahjong team at Shiraitodai High School.

The spinoff of the Saki television anime series was originally planned to air only for one quarter of a year with 12 episodes. Crunchyroll streamed those 12 episodes outside of Japan as they aired.

The anime adapts Aguri Igarashi’s Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A manga, which is a spinoff of Ritz Kobayashi’s original Saki high school mahjong manga. The story follows Shizuno Takakamo (Aoi Yūki) and the other mahjong players at the all-girls school Achiga.

Episode 13 in the series will premiere on December 24.


Saki Episode of Side A Replaces Manami With Sachika Misawa in Cast

posted on 2012-12-12 12:15 EST

Misawa to play Hiroko Funakubo in special episodes so Manami can focus on singing

The official blog of the Saki anime franchise announced on Thursday that Sachika Misawa is replacing Manami in the role of Hiroko Funakubo in the Saki Episode of Side Aanime. According to the blog, Manami said that she “wants to devote herself to her singing career.”

Misawa will play Hiroko Funakubo in Saki Episode of Side A’s special episode 13 onward. Episode 13 is scheduled to premiere on December 24. Three of these special episodes will air beyond the anime’s original one-cours (one-quarter) allotment.


Crunchyroll to Stream More Saki Episode of Side A, Girls & Panzer

posted on 2012-12-22 13:32 EST

The media service Crunchyroll announced on Friday that it will also run the Saki Episode of Side A special episodes and the remaining episodes of the ongoing Girls und Panzer anime.

The Saki Episode of Side A specials consists of three additional episodes. They will premiere on Crunchyroll on Monday, December 24 for premium users. The final two episodes of Girls und Panzer are on hiatus until tentatively March.


Saki Episode of Side A Special Episodes’ Promo Streamed

posted on 2013-01-04 23:20 EST

Next special episode to air on January 29

The official website for Saki Episode of Side A began streaming a two-minute promo video for its special episodes on Saturday. The video features the three episodes’ opening theme song “Tsu-ba-sa.” (Most of the promotional video is actually the animation sequence for this song. The sequence and the song itself premiered in special episode 13 last month, except it played after the episode ended, and not during the opening.)

Crunchyroll announced it would stream the special episodes starting on December 24. The next episode will air on January 29.


Saki Episode of Side A Anime Extended to 16 Episodes

posted on 2013-01-10 07:10 EST

Director Manabu Ono: 4 special episodes planned instead of 3

On Saturday, the February issue of Square Enix’s Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine is publishing an interview in which director Manabu Ono reveals that the Saki Episode of Side A anime will be 16 episodes long, instead of 15 as previously planned. Ono adds that these four additional special episodes are longer than the typical episode format, so these four episodes are as long as five or six regular episodes.

Episode 13 premiered last month on the AT-X channel, and episode 14 is scheduled to premiere on AT-X on January 29 at 7:30 p.m. Crunchyroll will stream the special episodes on its website.


Saki Episode of Side A #15, 16 Slated for April, May

posted on 2013-03-21 09:04 EDT

The official website for Saki Episode of Side A updated with the full television schedule for special episodes #15 and #16 on Thursday. Episode 15 is scheduled to premiere on AT-X on April 2 at 7:30 p.m., while episode 16 is scheduled on AT-X on May 25 at 7:30 p.m.

Episode 13 premiered in December, and episode 14 ran in January.

Crunchyroll has been streaming the special episodes on its website.


Saki Side of A

Posted 5/25/13

What’s up everyone!

Last night and through today, our subtitling team has been hard at work to provide you guys with two pieces of good news:

The first being that Saki - Episode of Side A episode 16 is now available to premium members, while free users will get it one week after its initial broadcast here on Crunchyroll.


Saki Episode of Side A Blu-ray Box to Add New Anime Short

posted on 2014-11-23 21:30 EST

Short adapts comic story about Kuro’s birthday for March 18 box

The official website for the Saki anime franchise announced on Friday that Pony Canyon will release a Blu-ray Disc box of the 2012 high school mahjong anime Saki Episode of Side A . The box will ship with the first 12-episode run, as well as the four special episodes, on March 18, 2015.

The box will also feature a new “short original anime” (SOA), tentatively titled “Kuro no Tanjōbi” (Kuro’s Birthday). This special episode will adapt a special comic that was included in the limited first edition of the anime’s first Blu-ray Disc volume. It will also include a Nendoroid figure of Teru Miyanaga (without the mahjong table in the photograph below), a box illustrated by character designer Masakatsu Sasaki, and a special booklet (a compilation of the booklets bundled with the single Blu-ray volumes).

Video extras include the clean opening and ending sequences (including the “serious” ending and the episode 14 ending version), the special trailer ver. 2, two collections of television spots, and a collection of the sponsor and ending card sequences. The cast provides commentaries for six episodes. These video and audio extras were also in the single Blu-ray volumes, although the box set will not include the CDs that were bundled with the limited first editions of the single volumes.


Saki Episode Of Side A Japanese Blu-ray Promo


[size=20]Saki Biyori Anime DVD Promo Confirms Returning Staff[/size]
posted on 2015-05-01 06:45 EDT
OAD will ship with volume 14 of Ritz Kobayashi’s Saki manga

Square Enix began streaming a video preview on Friday for the original anime DVD (OAD) that will bundle with the limited edition 14th volume of Ritz Kobayashi’s Saki manga. The OAD is based on the Saya Kiyoshi’s four-panel manga spinoff Saki Biyori.

The video announces original staff of the Saki anime series will return for the OAD:
• Production: Studio Gokumi
• Scenario: Tatsuhiko Urahata
• Character Design: Masakatsu Sasaki
• Director: Kenji Seto
• Chief Driector: Manabu Ono

The 14th volume will ship on July 25 in Japan, and the limited edition will retail for 3,685 yen (about US$31). Customers who preorder the volume at Animate, Gamers, Tora no Ana, or Melon Books can get a clear file with an image of Nodoka and Yukiko, drawn by Kobayashi.

Kiyoshi has been drawing Saki Biyori in Young Gangan (and later Monthly Big Gangan) since 2011. Square Enix published the spinoff manga’s third compiled book volume in December 2013. This will be the first anime adaptation of the series.

The main Saki manga already inspired two television anime series. Another spinoff manga, Aguri Igarashi’s Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A, also inspired its own television anime.

Square Enix’s twice-a-monthly magazine Young Gangan (out the first and third Friday) is teasing that the issue out September 2nd will feature a major announcement
August 21, 2016 11:38pm EDT / by Scott Green