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Samurai Bride coming to VOD in Sept/ AN VOD Online on Android?


I just viewed the VOD News Letter,amongst the shows coming up this month is Samurai Bride, the picture accompanying it was of the characters of Samurai Girls.

Is this the same series or a New one picking up from the previous one?

Is AN VOD Online viewable on Android Smart Phones? the last time I tried it Hulu was saying it was not compatible/encoded for Android system or do I need to contact Hulu directly about this?

Good Work Today and
Thank You in Advance for your reply.


Samurai Bride is a sequel season to Samurai Girls.

Currently TAN is not natively compatible with most Android browsers. There are some work around a however, which are noted in another thread. I believe Hulu has an Android app, which includes many TAN shows.


To:dragonrider_cody,Any info on where this series picks up from and if it is going to be as crazy as the first one was?

Thanks Again for your Answer to my previous question.


Timeline wise, Samurai Bride picks up a little after Samurai Girls ended.
It’s a much sillier season than the first but all in all, if you enjoyed the first season, you’ll probably enjoy the second season, if for nothing else, than the beautiful art they use.


Second season episode one starts off with
[size=4]Muneakira + Jubei, Yukimura + Matabei, Sen + Hanzō, Kanetsugu,[/size] and a monkey,
all trying to run a Maid Cafe in order to keep the dojo from being repossessed.

Add in four antagonists (female master samurai who look like they could have come from and the hi-jinx continue.


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