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Schedule For The TAN Routine

Hey daily week month yearly TAN visitors member

Here the schedule the TAN is adopting that U have to abide by

is Today Mondey = Sending PMs
Tuesday = Post it
Wednesday = Create Topic
Thursday = Click on something
Friday = Quote
Saturday = Highlight

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I would but maousadau would delete it :angry:

Can’t say I’d blame 'em.

I was being nice and posted the dub of toloberu form youtube and he deleted it twice!

Then said it was against forum rules. It was on youtube it was legal streamed!

Kyouta should be a mod. He’s cool.

What’s retarded about

Or is it too difficult for ya

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We’ve been over this. To Love Ru is NOT on youtube legally. Has never been, will probably never be. Licensed by Sentai, not by some random person on YouTube.



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U have half of it U just need to work on the rest

What U should be a mod

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I have no clue what you’re talking about but…


Not sure if you’re sarcastically asking if I should be a moderator or telling me I should be a moderator but…

This is why articulation is good for communication.

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All good guesses ur in the right ball park but ur still off

All I can do is guess at this point.



Thanks man. You rock :metal: