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Tuesday New Releases: Utano Princesama: Legend Star

4/3/2018 1:10:56 PM


Utano Princesama: Legend Star Complete Collection

The contest to become the opening group for Triple S may have been shaken up by the arrival of the now seven-member group HE?VENS, but QUARTET NIGHT generously declines to take advantage of the decision in their favor… as long as the other two bands agree to an unexpected new phase of the competition! Are the other two rival groups ready for a new series of cross-band duets, with each song pairing one member of ST?RISH and one member of HE?VENS? Will Haruka be up to writing yet another round of spectacular songs? It’s time to pick up the tempo and sing to the balconies as the musical one-upmanship only gets wilder in UTANO ? PRINCESAMA LEGEND STAR!

Rating: TV-14


8 Strong Female Leads in Anime

4/5/2018 8:26:17 AM

These ladies have strong personalities and aren’t afraid to put you in your place. Whether it’s their physical power or their mental endurance, these characters have learned the importance of always saying what’s on their mind. Spies, princesses and assassins, these heroines demolish expectations!


Stella Vermillion and Dunan Knute should have been on that list IMO…


I’ve had the pleasure and honor of knowing quite a few real ladies that were strong, very strong.

In Anime there’s way more than 8, so no matter what they did with this list they were bound to leave deserving anime women off.

Mark Gosdin



BanG Dream! Girls Band Party – A Sentai Game Review

4/6/2018 12:55:08 PM

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party – A Sentai Game Review BanG Dream! brings everything we love about idol games all into one: catchy music, storylines that are fun to follow, and of course, the interactive game where your biggest competition is yourself (or maybe your fingers). Who doesn’t love a good rhythm game?

We were able to download and play the game (one of those moments where you tell yourself you’re only going to play for 2 more minutes and then you look up and it’s midnight…) to give you an inside scoop on why this game will be your new rhythmic obsession.


Tried it out just for fun, If you’re a fan of rhythm games like guitar hero etc. you’ll probably love this



Tuesday New Release: AJIN: DEMI-HUMAN

4/10/2018 12:52:31 PM



Kei’s stopped running, but his decision to stand and fight comes just as Sato launches his second wave of terror. Angered by the governments’ refusal to admit the truth about the live experiments on captive Ajin, the Ajin terrorist has begun assassinating a list of the key individuals connected to Ajin research, and only someone as unkillable as he is has a chance of stopping the man in the hat. With Sato being better trained, more experienced, and allied with other Ajins, Kei has only two chances at heading off the final apocalypse: to somehow learn how to better control the Invisible Black Matter being he generates or to recruit other Ajins into the battle. The shadow war explodes and the world burns as the ultimate warriors face off in immortal combat in Ajin 2!

Included in these releases;

  • Season 2 - 13 Episodes
  • Movie 2 - “Confront”
  • Movie 3 - “Collide”


Our Top 4 Favorite Vampire Anime

4/11/2018 7:50:30 AM

We have a vampire obsession lately with our newest simulcast title DEVILS’ LINE. We thought why not create a list of some of our favorite vampire related titles!? Blood, action and interesting situations abound with this list as we jump into the Sentai Filmworks catalog for vampiric inspiration.


Sent still has the rights for Princess Resurrection? That one would be nice to see On Demand or on Blu-ray…


If it’s airing on HIDIVE, chances are that they still have the license. :wink:


Lol just realized it autocorrected Sentai to Sent. Still need to reprogram the known dictionary in my new phone :joy:


Yeah between Princess Resurrection and RahXephon those would be two I would pick up if they were to have Blu-Ray releases


Probably worth noting that the DVD set has been out of print for a while though. A re-release or a Bluray set would be nice in the future.

I ended up buying all the episodes on iTunes because the DVD’s were out of print and the second hand prices were starting to climb.



4/17/2018 11:21:58 AM


Haikyu!! Season 2 Premium Box Set and Haikyu!! Season 2 Complete Collection

The drama heats up, both on and off the volleyball court, as the rivalry between teammates Shoyo Hinata and Tobio Kageyama continues to develop in new and unexpected ways. After the team’s dramatic setback in Inter-High Preliminaries, Karasuno gets the unexpected opportunity to go to a training camp in Tokyo alongside other top schools in the nation… including their rival team, Nekoma! In order to attend, though, the dynamic duo must pass their exams, and getting Hinata and Kageyama through that challenge will be the trial by fire for Hitoka Yachi, who could be joining Kiyoko Shimizu as a team manager. With the eyes of their opponents fixed on their progress, will it be the spark needed to get the team moving in the right direction? Passions burn, and tempers flare as the fuse is lit for HAIKYU!! 2nd SEASON!
Rating: TV-PG


Urara Meirochou Complete Collection

Chiya was raised in the woods and most of her friends were animals. But now she needs to find something, and since it may take the skills of an Urara, or fortune teller, to find it, she’s come to the town of Meiro-cho to learn to become an Urara herself. It won’t be easy adjusting… and not just because Chiya still tends to check to see if people have tails or want their tummies rubbed! But the other girls studying at the Natsumeya teahouse are all unusual in their own ways, and it’s clear from the beginning that Chiya’s going to be great friends with studious Kon, rambunctious Koume and shy Nono. And that’s good, because if Chiya’s going to find her missing mother, she’ll need all the help and support she can get in URARA MEIROCHO!
Rating: TV-14 (S)



April 24, 2018

ClassicaLoid Complete Collection

Kanae knew that her hometown was trying to become a musical hotspot, but modern teens aren’t interested in classical music… or, at least, they weren’t until “Mozart” and “Beethoven” suddenly appeared in front of Kanae and her best friend Sosuke and set the town on fire with “mujik”, a stunning fusion of classical masterpieces retooled in modern musical styles! And just in case that isn’t exciting enough, the “ClassicaLoids” have added Giant Robots and spectacular light shows to the mix! But as more Classicaloids continue to arrive, can the town withstand the combined creative energies of dozens of musical geniuses all determined to promote their own creative output? Find out when Bach is back, Liszt is on the list, and Chopin is chopping at the bit to unleash the full power of classical music in ClassicaLoid!
Rating: TV-14




Around the Sentai Office – Our Top Rainy Day Anime

5/1/2018 10:02:59 AM

Nothing quite puts a damper on a spring day like a giant storm. We asked around the office and compiled a list of some of our employee’s favorites to watch under the covers while waiting out a storm.