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September 11, 2018

Action Heroine Cheer Fruits Complete Collection

Ann seems like a normal girl, but secretly she’s obsessed with the “local super heroines” who perform in shows that promote regional products and tourist sites across Japan. So when Ann is approached by Mikan to put on a private heroine show for Mikan’s younger sister, Ann jumps at the chance to live out her fantasies. And when their student council president, Misaki, sees the two girls rehearsing, she realizes that a local superhero show might be the way to rescue their town from serious financial jeopardy! But can they recruit all the girls and resources needed in the short time before the bills come due? It’ll take a superhuman effort and a lot of favors from friends, but these real life heroines might just save the day in ACTION HEROINE CHEER FRUITS!
Rating: TV-14

Vatican Miracle Examiner Complete Collection

Miracles don’t happen every day. But when something impossible happens that seems to be the work of supernatural forces or higher powers, it’s the duty of the Assembly of Saints and their agents to investigate. Their job is to determine whether each incident is explainable via previously undisclosed information, a part of some plot to take advantage of the people’s faith, or a genuine miraculous event. Priests Josef Kou Hiraga and Roberto Nicholas specialize in unveiling the truth and unearthing secrets that others might wish to keep buried, but when they’re sent to Mexico to investigate reports of a virgin birth, they end up in danger of being buried themselves. Murder, demonic summoning and deals with the devil are just the beginning of a new war against the ultimate darkness by the Vatican Miracle Examiner!
Rating: TV-14


Also the Armed Girls Machiavellism PBS


Yeah it’s listed as instock at Rightstuf . Just waiting and hoping on No Game No Life Zero PBS for my order to ship . Well unless they are nice and throw it in with my order I made today .



9/14/2018 9:24:33 PM

Anime elders don’t get enough respect, which is a shame. It is so common for stories within the medium to focus on the exploits of teenagers that people are often considered old if they’re over the age of 30.

The main teenage cast is the ones who ultimately save the world or fall in love, but think about it for a moment: don’t they usually get the support of someone from an older generation? Ever notice how the absence of a parental figure is a prevalent trope in anime? The probability of a teenager missing one or even both of their parents is abnormally high. Having an intact family structure is the exception, not the rule.

That’s where an elder usually steps in to fill the void in a mentor role (Whether or not they’ll die somewhere along the line to further the main character’s development is another story). So, let’s take a moment and give a shout out to a few people who deserve credit!

Mild spoilers are ahead.



September 18, 2018

Negima! Complete Collection

Putting a 10-year-old boy in charge of a class full of teenage girls would normally sound like a really bad idea, but that’s what Negi Springfield has to do when he’s assigned to teach English at the exclusive Mahora Academy. Making matters worse, the class in question is Class 2-A, where the students all have unusual skills and secrets and some aren’t even human! Fortunately, Negi isn’t a normal 10 year old. He’s also secretly a wizard, which is a good thing since Negi’s lesson plans are constantly being interrupted by ghosts, vampires, ninjas, time travelers and even cheerleaders! Can magic help when more than a few of his students start to have romantic feelings towards him? Prepare to be enchanted by the most charming wizard ever in NEGIMA!
Rating: TV-14

Gunparade March Complete Collection

In 1945, the alien invasion ended World War II and united humanity against a common enemy. Now, more than 50 years later and after countless deaths, a new group of teenagers has been drafted to train as pilots of the advanced combat mecha known as Humanoid Walking Tanks (HWTs). For Atsushi Hayami and the rest of Unit 5121, the odds of living to see their twenties now depends on the hardened battle steel of their armor, the courage and strength of their comrades in arms and the tactics of superior officers who see them as game pieces to be played against the Phantom Beasts. Friendships and love blossom against a battle-torn landscape, and every day is another desperate struggle to survive a seemingly endless war in GUNPARADE MARCH!
Rating: TV-14 (V)



9/21/2018 9:43:15 PM

Complex storylines filled with political intrigue and world-ending threats are all well and good, but there are times when you just want to watch an anime that’s a little more relaxing. That’s where the slice of life genre comes in.

These are the stories that deal with characters going about their daily lives and are defined by simple plots, well-written characters, and even everyday drama. Slice of life shows are meant to slip the viewer into a more nuanced type of storytelling that focuses on character interactions rather than an overdramatic story arc. Here are some of our favorites!


(In an army sergeant’s voice)

Ok men, arms down. The war is over.

K-ON is on the list. We can all go home.



I’m missing a few in my collection . Next sale and hopefully come December I’ll have those filled in .


Lack of Non Non Biyori makes me sad.


I concur 100%

At least Is The Order A Rabbit made the list though…



September 25, 2018

Princess Principal Complete Collection

Early in the 20th century, the discovery of Cavorite, an anti-gravity substance, gave birth to a technological renaissance including the development of giant airships and other fantastical inventions. However, the scientific revolution was not the only one afoot, as Great Britain was torn in two by an armed rebellion when the oppressed poor finally turned on the ruling elite. Now the Commonwealth has a plan to take Albion by stealth, substituting their undercover operative Ange for the beautiful young Princess Charlotte. But Charlotte and Ange both have surprises in store for their respective governments and instead hatch a plan wherein the Princess herself will act as an agent in exchange for help in claiming the throne! A dazzling team of femme fatales sets out to rule Britannia and English History will never be the same in PRINCESS PRINCIPAL!
Rating: TV-14 (V)

NOTE: Princess Principal Premium Box Set is delayed until November 13, 2018.

Scum’s Wish Complete Collection

Hanabi has loved her older friend Narumi for years, but she’s still in high school and not only is Narumi now her new homeroom teacher, he’s also clearly in love with the music teacher, Akane. And as awkward as being the unwanted third in a romantic triangle can be, things become even more twisted for Hanabi when she learns that another student, Mugi, is in love with Akane. That leads to a strange idea: since the ones that Mugi and Hanabi are in love with aren’t available, the two unrequited thirds start to explore the idea of becoming each other’s substitute surrogate relationship. It’s not about romance, of course. Just sex and convenience. Or at least that’s what they keep telling themselves as love’s wires become hopelessly crossed and ensnarled in SCUM’S WISH.
Rating: TV-MA (D,S)


Sentai Filmworks AWA Industry Panel Recap

9/25/2018 3:23:31 PM

Hey, Sentai Filmworks fans, we had a blast at Anime Weekend Atlanta and we hope that those of you who went enjoyed yourselves! As a special shoutout, we’d like to say thank you to everyone who attended our industry panel!

For those of you who couldn’t attend our panel, worry not! Sentai Filmworks has your back and we wrote up a quick rundown on what we covered




October 2, 2018

Corpse Prison Movie 1 Blu-ray

From the moment she and her fellow students arrive in the mountain village of Yasaka, Mikoto knows that there is something very wrong with this tiny town. Can it really be true that, for 50 years, not a single girl has been born in this isolated community? Despite the fact that Mayor Amano and the other all male residents have enthusiastically welcomed her and the other three coeds attending Professor Ashihara’s overnight seminar, Mikoto can’t shake the sense of increasing dread that consumes her. Something horrible has happened here. Something that is about to happen again. Because the town has been waiting for her. And the other girls. From the pages of the hit online manga published in Web Comic Gamma, the nightmare is about to begin!
Rating: TV-17+


Our 6 Favorite Anime Teachers

10/5/2018 12:46:48 PM

School’s been in session for well over a month now. For those of you who are in school, Sentai Filmworks has a question for you: Do you have a favorite teacher yet?

We certainly do. Actually, we have six favorite anime teachers because we can’t choose ONLY one.





Want to Know Sentai’s Favorite Fall Anime? Absolutely!

10/9/2018 10:24:46 AM

Can you feel it?

That feeling is in the air again.

The leaves have changed colors. The elusive and coveted pumpkin spice flavor once again appears in food and lattes. Corporate America once again violates social norms by promoting Christmas before Halloween and Thanksgiving have their rightful turns. But there is something of far greater importance: a new anime season has begun!

Welcome, one and all, to Fall.

It’s a brand-new season with new possibilities and simulcasts. But wait! Before you put in for your sick days and stock up on snacks for your watch parties, let us first take a look at some fall titles from Sentai Filmworks’ past.



October 9, 2018

GARO Season 2 Collection 2

The battle against the Horrors has always been stacked against the Makai Knights, and as the Red Mask continues to decimate their ranks, the roster of Knights who can still fight is dwindling rapidly. When even Kouga’s Mado Ring, Zaruba, is incapacitated, the Golden Knight is increasingly forced to rely on his closest friends and allies to help stem the tide. Then, in a shocking series of betrayals and double-crosses, the identity of the Red Mask is revealed, along with a plan to not just kill the Makai Knights, but to use them for a horrifying purpose! With his own powers fading and the souls of his comrades at stake, Kouga must strike one last deadly bargain to save mankind… and he may not survive the encounter in GARO: MAKAISENKI – COLLECTION 2!
Rating: TV-MA (L, S, V)



October 16, 2018

The Seven Heavenly Virtues Complete Collection

When the fallen angel Lucifer starts raising hell down below, Heaven decides that it’s time to start looking for a new savior to keep humanity from succumbing to the lure of Sin. Unfortunately, the seven beautiful angels assigned to the task of finding a new Messiah may not be the best choices. Their nominal leader, Michael, the Angel of Faith, is plagued by self-doubt. Gabriel, the Angel of Chastity, struggles to defend morality in a costume that’s sure to lead men into Temptation. Metatron (Charity) has a surprising bondage fetish while her sister, Sandalphon (Diligence), has trouble focusing. Uriel (Patience) has bladder control issues and… well, let’s just say that none of them are exactly qualified and with guardian Angels like these, Mankind is almost certain to be doomed in THE SEVEN HEAVENLY VIRTUES.
Rating: TV-MA (D,L,S,V)

Monochrome Factor Complete Collection

Akira Nikaidoa was just a normal, everyday high school slacker. Or at least, that’s what he was before he, his friend Kengo and sexy school prefect Aya were all attacked by a shadow monster called a Kokuchi. Approached by a mysterious, shadowless stranger named Shirogane, Akira is asked to become a “Shin,” a creature from the Shadow World and help hunt the Kokuchi down. But is Shirogane telling the complete truth or does he also have a personal agenda that involves getting a bit… friendlier with Akira? Fortunately, Akira’s not completely in the dark in his dealings with the shounen ai-esque shadow stranger, as Kengo and Aya turn out to be able to see Shin as well. But can this unlikely team restore balance between the Shadow World and our own? The answer awaits in MONOCHROME FACTOR!
Rating: TV-14