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Can You Survive a Horror Anime?

10/16/2018 4:12:39 PM

Do you have the courage to find out?

Can You Survive a Horror Anime?

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Can You Survive a Horror Anime?

Can you survive a horror anime?

Working at McDonald’s does stuff to a person’s soul…


I predict that I can’t. Let’s see how I do.

Can You Survive a Horror Anime?

Result: Victim of the cruel twist ending.




Already asked for As Miss Beelzebub Likes
and Ms Vampire Who Lives In My Neighborhood

Maybe there is a chance, since the Crunchy/Funi partnership is no more…


I’ll ask for Grand Blue Dreaming tomorrow since it seems like most of the Amazon only titles are getting forgotten .



I also want Konosuba



October 23, 2018

Made In Abyss Complete Collection

No one knows what’s at the bottom of the Abyss. No one who’s ventured that far has ever returned. What is known is that the Abyss is filled with strange creatures and priceless relics that have lured generations of fortune hunters into a diabolical trap. Because while anyone can descend into the Abyss safely, coming back up triggers a nightmarish series of transformations and madness. And the deeper you go, the less chance you have of coming back unchanged. But when 12-year-old Riko receives a message that her missing mother might still be alive deep in the Abyss, she knows she has to go to her. She must go even if it’s a one-way trip for her and her robot friend Reg as they brave the ultimate darkness in MADE IN ABYSS.
Rating: TV-MA (V)

NOTE: Made In Abyss Premium Box Set is delayed until November 13, 2018.


Kumoricon Sentai Industry Panel Recap

10/26/2018 3:27:25 PM

Another month, another con! This time, Sentai Filmworks extends a warm welcome all the way from Portland, Oregon. That’s another US state off our bucket list!

We understand that not everyone can make it to cons or had other engagements to attend to, but don’t worry, we’re providing you with a brief rundown of what we revealed at our industry panel. Thanks to everyone who made it!


Wow! Tommy’s LE collection is beautiful! Makes my 13 (soon to be 14) sets look insignificant in comparison…

I wonder if he purchased any of them on sale :thinking:

Your LE collection must rival that somewhat, right @psychopuppet?


Missing six of those . @Slowhand I took to long of break . :rofl:

Edit: 8 forgot about Persona and Beyond .



October 30, 2018

Hitorijime My Hero Complete Collection

Masahiro Setagawa has been having problems. His dad’s gone, his mom’s apathetic, and the local delinquents have turned him into a lackey and errand boy. Rescue comes in the most unexpected form, however, when a street fighter known as “Bear Killer” puts the beat down on the bad boys and takes Masa under his protective wing. The surprising part is that Masa already knew his rescuer, because not only is Kousuke Ohshiba the older brother of Masa’s best friend Kensuke, he’s also Masa’s homeroom teacher! But with so many ties between them already, is it surprising that Masa starts to feel more for Kousuke than a normal student teacher relationship? Math class will never be the same once Masa realizes that the numbers in his stars are all adding up to one person in Hitorijime My Hero!.
Rating: TV-14

Can You Survive a Horror Anime?



Six Scary Sentai Stories to Watch Alone and in the Dark

10/31/2018 9:51:03 AM

Welcome to the morning when the veil between the living world and the next is at its thinnest.

Welcome to the day when we pay homage to the old tales by borrowing their ghastly guises.

Welcome to the evening where we make our ghostly pilgrimages for sweet sustenance.

Welcome to the night where we breathe life into superstitious horrors once again.

Welcome, one and all, to Halloween.

To all our dear readers, we ask the question: How will you spend this delightfully dark festival? We at Sentai Filmworks have machinations planned. Oh yes, we do. We have six tales of terror to chill your bones this hallowed eve, and all the time to tell them.



November 6, 2018

Negima!? Complete Collection

It’s not easy being a wizard before you’ve hit puberty, but Negi Springfield has far more on his narrow shoulders than many wizards twice (or even thrice) his age. When he’s not searching for his missing father, or teaching the 31 teenage girls who make up the highly unusual class 3A, he always seems to find himself being drafted to perform magical tasks that most sane adult wizards avoid. So, when the mysterious and dangerous artifact known as the Star Crystal disappears, it’s just a matter of time before Negi and his all-girl regiment of gifted students find themselves trapped in the middle of the mystery. Does fighting the supernatural satisfy the girl’s PE requirement? Find out when class roars back into session for a new spellbinding semester of NEGIMA!?
Rating: TV-MA (D,S)

Patlabor the Mobile Police Ultimate Collection

Giant Robots, sociopaths, madmen waving guns: these aren’t problems the Mobile Police have to deal with every day, these ARE the Mobile Police! But in a world where giant robots called Labors are frequently used for criminal purposes, the boys and girls in blue have to face things that are even bigger and scarier! So when police cadet Noa Izumi comes in to take a pilot aptitude test and instead initiates a high speed chase after a stolen Police Labor, it’s clear that she’s got exactly the right combination of guts, brains and just plain crazy that the Second Special Vehicles Division desperately needs. But fitting into the frequently insane lifestyle of SV2 won’t be easy. She’ll have rivals for the pilot’s seat of the mech that’s stolen her heart, and her patrol duties will include herding whales, exorcising hauntings and fighting rogue military units on top of the usual terrorists. On the other hand, she gets to carry the biggest handgun EVER. The wheels of justice keep turning (or, in this case, running on giant metal legs,) as SV2 hits the street in MOBILE POLICE PATLABOR!
Rating: TV-14 (V)



Just a heads up both of the Tuesday releases for this week November 6 were pushed back to November 20th .



November 13, 2018

Gatchaman Crowds Seasons 1 & 2 Complete Collection

The city of Tachikawa is in danger! As humans are being abducted by a strange alien entity, the city’s secret defenders, the Gatchaman Squad, are leaping covertly into action to save the world once again. However, this time things aren’t going to follow the usual super-heroic pattern, since the Squad’s latest recruit, Hajime Ichinose, definitely marches to the beat of a different drummer. And while she’s more interested in stationery than being a hero, she’s about to cause a world-altering series of changes simply by thinking WAY outside the box in GATCHAMAN CROWDS! But wait, there’s even more! When someone starts hijacking CROWDS technology, the Gatchaman team needs to start recruiting again and things go crazy quickly when a very unusual alien lands in Niigata in GATCHAMAN CROWDS & INSIGHT!
Rating: TV-14 (L,S,V)