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February 12, 2019

My Girlfriend is Shobitch Complete Collection

When Haruka asks his classmate Akiho to go out with him, he’s hoping that she’ll say ‘yes’. What he isn’t expecting is for her to agree, then approach their relationship with an emotionally detached attitude as if she was writing a research paper with sex as the topic! It’s all about maximizing compatibility, Akiho says, but when preparation for a first date requires Haruka to divulge a comprehensive list of his sexual fetishes in advance for planning purposes, perhaps there’s something to be said for getting to know each other the old-fashioned way! And if Akiho’s clinical approach isn’t awkward enough, things get really weird when it’s time to meet the parents and Haruka learns where Akiho’s odd demeanor comes from! It’s the romantic comedy where T.M.I. and A-Type personalities collide in MY GIRLFRIEND IS SHOBITCH!
Rating: TV-MA (D,S)







Ok. Kampfer.

Transforming= Gender bending/ personality change

Talking plushies= Bowel Familiars



Yep. That has to be Kampfer…

After TLR, and now Kampfer, I’m curious to which other catalogue titles will be getting the Dub treatment :thinking:


Kampfer is getting a dub?

What a coincidence, just recently I was remembering that I never did get around to finishing that one. Now I know to keep it on the backburner for a bit longer.


Sentai Filmworks Presents: Our Bad Love Poems From Middle School

2/14/2019 10:15:08 PM

Hey, remember middle school? We get that things were rough back then, what with trying to fit in and learning about proper grammar and algebra and stuff.

Specifically, we try not to remember all the embarrassingly bad poetry we wrote to our crushes back in English Lit when we were 12 years old. Keyword being “try.” As you have probably figured out, we were not particularly successful in that endeavor.

Given that Valentine’s Day is here, we decided it was time to dig our terrible poetry out of the back of our minds and share them with you. If you need us, we’ll be cringing over there in the corner, cursing our youthful selves for believing we were poet laureates deserving of a Pulitzer Prize just because we had learned the definition of iambic pentameter. We deluded ourselves into thinking we were deep.

Witness: The horror of pretentious words and spelling errors!



February 19, 2019

Parasyte -the maxim- Complete Collection

They’re the perfect killing machines, blending invisibly into human civilization by taking the form of their last victim. For Shinichi Izumi, infected with a deadly parasitic organism that’s determined to devour his brain and turn his body into the Earth’s new apex predator, they’re the ultimate nightmare. But instead of being consumed, Shinichi manages to partially foil the attack, leaving him with the parasyte known as Migi taking the place of his right hand. Now forced to share the same body, the two must become unwilling allies. Because Migi isn’t the only one of his kind, and unless they work together, they’ll both be killed as abominations. Prepare yourself for a horrifying new world where monsters lurk behind every corner and every face as the human race becomes prey in PARASYTE ~ THE MAXIM ~ THE COMPLETE COLLECTION!
Rating: TV-MA (L,S,V)

K-ON! Premium Box Set

The Sakuragoaka Girls’ Academy curriculum traditionally focuses on the three “R”s of reading, writing and arithmetic, but Ritsu Tainaka wants to add two more “R”s: Rock and Roll! To do that, however, Ritsu has to save the Light Music Club from being shut down due to little problems like not having any other members or a faculty advisor. After strong-arming her best friend Mio into joining and convincing Tsumugi Kotobuki to make it a trio, Ritsu’s would-be rockers are soon only one talented guitarist short of the quartet they need for school approval. What they get, unfortunately, is Yui Hirasawa, who’s never held a guitar in her life, but she’s determined to learn! Will the school halls come alive with the sound of music? Find out as four outrageous girls band together in K-ON! THE COMPLETE COLLECTION!
Rating: TV-14 (D)



February 26, 2019

Kino’s Journey Complete Collection SD

Three days. Two nights. That’s how much time Kino and Hermes allot to each new place they visit before drifting off again, crossing a mysterious land filled with mystical sights and strange customs. Kino’s an enigmatic loner, skilled with weapons and always anticipating what might lie around the next hill or bend of the river. Hermes is Kino’s friend, companion, and motorcycle, gifted with the ability to think and speak, seldom as bold as Kino, but always there when speed is required. What is their goal, their ultimate destination? Like life itself, it’s all a mystery that one can only solve by taking the journey. All Kino and Hermes know is that adventure, danger, and new wonders lie on the horizon, waiting to be encountered at each passing stop. Join the odyssey and drift along for the ride in KINO’S JOURNEY!
Rating: TV-PG (L,V)

Just Because! Complete Collection

It’s the last semester of high school and graduation is finally in sight for Haruto Soma and Mio Natsume. All they have to do now is keep studying and avoid any major drama until they get their diplomas. Unfortunately, that plan is completely derailed by the reappearance of their mutual friend Eita Izumi, who moved away four years ago and has suddenly transferred back. Now things are a bit awkward for all three. They’re not the same people they were in middle school, and reconnecting will mean addressing old issues and unresolved feelings. It won’t be easy; it could be painful. And the results will change not only their futures, but those of their fellow students, as fate proves that it can alter the course of a lifetime in a single instant in JUST BECAUSE!
Rating: TV-14



March 5, 2019

Tokyo Living Dead Idol

Tokyo 27-ku’s the hottest pop group around, but when singer Kamiya Miku (Nana Asakawa) gets bitten by a zombie, she goes from being on top of the charts to the top of the most wanted lists! With just 72 hours until the sizzling chanteuse becomes a shuffling zombie, Miku’s only hope is finding a serum that might possibly cure her. Unfortunately, if Miku can’t reach the antidote in time, she’s going to transform from songbird to a dead bird singing in the middle of the night, and evading paparazzi and zealous fans is nothing compared to being pursued by teams of professional zombie hunters, the police and hordes of the living dead! From life in the fast lane to racing through the hot zone, becoming a zombie can totally bite when you’re the TOKYO LIVING DEAD IDOL!
Rating: TV-14 (V)


Which 6 Anime Should You Watch Over Spring Break?

3/8/2019 12:30:34 PM

Congratulations to all you students out there! You’ve officially survived the long, dark winter semester, and spring is here at last. And now? Now it’s time for a well-deserved vacation. However, all of you have a momentous decision to make: How will you spend your spring break?

May we at Sentai Filmworks be so bold as to offer a suggestion? You should spend your spring break watching anime! It’s cost-effective, convenient, and easier than actually going to Cancun. Think about it: A roundtrip ticket can cost hundreds of dollars, and that doesn’t include your hotel stay and the price of all those fun activities you’ll be doing.

By spending your spring break watching anime, you’ll not only save money but watching anime will transport you to all kinds of places that you usually wouldn’t be able to go to!

But what should you watch? Worry not! Your pals at Sentai Filmworks have you covered and came up with a list of 6 different anime for all of your binging needs!


(um hello, they drink tea and eat sandwiches).

This still haunts me. Their tea defies ALL physics.

I’ve seen some messed up shows, but for some reason, that tops all of it…



March 12, 2019

Armored Trooper VOTOMS TV Collection SD

VOTOMS (Vertical One-man Tanks for Offense & ManeuverS) units are light and maneuverable on the battlefield, but in the hundred-year war between Gilgamesh and Balarant, they’ve essentially become expendable cannon fodder and pawns to be sacrificed. The right pawn in the right place can change the course of the game forever, and when VOTOMS pilot Chirico Cuvie is mysteriously transferred from his elite unit to a top secret mission behind his own side’s lines, he quickly learns that something is very wrong. Betrayed and branded a traitor, Chirico finds himself on the run from both sides as he seeks to unravel the truth behind the conspiracy and learn the secret behind the beautiful woman who seems to hold the key. Universally hailed as one of the greatest anime of all time, this is the launch of ARMORED TROOPER VOTOMS!
Rating: TV-MA (D,S,V)



March 19, 2019


Diplomatic relationships can often be trying, but when Princess Ani of Inaco is sent to the signing of a peace treaty, she finds more parties at the negotiating table than expected…. and since the others are all princes (or other high-ranking members of the male gender), it seems that one of the major assets in play in this game of thrones is her royal self! What makes it worse is that despite the lopsided Prince to Princess ratio, none of the misfit peerage involved are exactly Prince Charming her off her feet! Between dealing with the Prince who won’t come out of his room and the one who’s already passionately in love (with himself), and her mother’s apparent matchmaking machinations, this Princess may soon be hoping for a dragon to rescue her in DAMEPRI ANIME CARAVAN!
Rating: TV-14

Hakumei & Mikochi Complete Collection

Hakumei and Mikochi are two small girls who live together in a tiny house in the great big forest. In fact, their house is so tiny that it all fits inside just one tree! But that’s fine because Hakumei and Mikochi are only 3.5 inches tall, so their tree is as big to them as a skyscraper is to normal people! They’re not the only tiny people living in their community either, and when Hakumei and Mikochi aren’t out exploring, they like to spend their time visiting their neighbors, some of whom are other small folk like the inventor Sen and Konju the songstress, while others are beetles, squirrels and even a big scary owl who is definitely not friendly! For a whole new perspective on life, come look at the world from a different angle with HAKUMEI AND MIKOCHI!
Rating: TV-14


What is Iyashikei and Why Should You Care?

3/21/2019 12:52:40 PM

It’s the Japanese word for “healing.” However, in the context of an anime genre, it’s a show that’s specifically designed to have a relaxing, cathartic effect on anyone who watches it.

What does that mean? Well, ever had a terrible day and all you want to do is something, anything, to get away from it all and de-stress? That’s precisely why this genre exists. The same concept exists here in the West. You might be more familiar with the term “feel-good.” Ever heard the phrase, “It’s the feel-good movie of the year”? That’s the Western equivalent. If you feel better after watching, then the genre has done its job.

It’s like being wrapped in a big blanket and being handed a hot cup of cocoa after coming in from the cold. It’s like getting an understanding hug from your significant other after you’ve spent the entire day getting yelled at for something that wasn’t even your fault to begin with. It’s like settling down by the fire and eating your favorite comfort food as your stress just melts away.


That article couldn’t be better written :sob: