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Sentai Filmworks on Youtube


Sentai Filmworks just started a Youtube account.




Sentai still has only 3 videos on there.

They talked about a wealth of content on their channel at Otakon but there still isn’t any. I thought that the procedure was to have content then hype it, not hype a channel that is still barren. I fear that will deter people, that they’ll go to the channel, see the whole lotta nothin’ there, and then tune out.


Now there is 4 videos, give them time.


[quote=“chrisc” post=148460]

Now there is 4 videos, give them time.[/quote]

I was surprised that they didn’t add that trailer earlier as it has been up for weeks now.

I’m still waiting on these “behind the scenes” videos; the closest we’ve gotten have been these videos on Instagram that they posted on their Facebook page:


Even if its just the opening as a trailer it shouldn’t take long before dozens of videos are posted.


Queens Blade Rebellion


well they got themselves a new subbsciber ^^


[quote=“chrisc” post=150219]Queens Blade Rebellion

Huh. It doesn’t show up on their “recently uploaded” on their channel.

After Girls und Panzer got an English-narrated trailer I was hoping that all trailers from 'em would be like that.


What happened? YouTube says that the Sentai Filmworks channel has been shut down!



You sure cause I’m getting it no probs. :huh:


Yeah, it works fine for me as well.
It might help him to have the right URL though.


That might help, yes. I used the older one from the first post in this thread. When did they switch over? I notice that all of the videos on the youtube page (all 12 of them) are marked by YT as having been added either 5 or 6 days ago and some of those videos, like the GuP dubbed trailer, are older than that by far.

Good news is that it was a false alarm on he channel’s demise.


Cool. Something to keep an eye on.


Except for the URL, nothing much on that channel has changed. The wealth of content that Sentai talked about at Otakon 2013 has yet to show up. :frowning: