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Sherlock (BBC)

BBC’s “Sherlock” takes characters within the Sherlock Holmes novels from a 19th-century London to its 21st-century counterpart. Created and written by both Steven Moffat (the head writer behind Doctor Who) and Mark Gatiss (again, a Doctor Who writer), as well as Stephen Thompson (yup… he also wrote an episode of Doctor Who).

Come to think of it, based on the number of DW fans here, I’m surprised no one has mentioned Sherlock yet…

There are currently two series, each with three 90-minute episodes. It stars as Sherlock Holmes and as John Watson. It’s unfortunately not available on BBCA, but the first series is on Netflix and and both series can be purchased on DVD/Blu-ray.

Here’s a trailer for the first series:

Is the series more in line with the book version of Holmes or the Robert Downey Jr./Doctor House renditions of Holmes or is it more in the vein of Basil Rathbone’s Holmes?

This isn’t a cheesy comedy series like Doctor Who, is it?

Is anything on BBC America? I found BBC on fios a while back and there wasn’t anything on it. Luckily top gear is on Netflix (though the us version is sadly not).

EDIT: of course, just to spite me, when I went to BBC America on fios (189) just now, after the Ramsay kitchen show and a few old eps of doctor who (“though at this point it’s more like doctor ‘why bother’”) there was a virtual Marathon of top gear eps. They were older eps, and one of them was disturbingly similar to one of the first eps of top gear us, but they were indeed there. BBC’s foray into America is still pretty lackluster IMO.

It’s more true to the novels than the RDJ films, despite its different settings. It relies much less on action, and has absolutely everything to do with Sherlock’s role as a consulting detective.

Not at all. It has its humorous moments, but it’s much more serious than Doctor Who. I also think the writing of Sherlock is far superior over DW. Moffat knows when he writes for Doctor Who, he’s writing a family show. Sherlock is more mature.

But action is cool. :wink:

Sherlock Holmes’ ability to kick ass, as well as his most prodigious drug addiction, are 2 of his best traits, and are so often overlooked.

His raging elitism is also another classic trait, though even Basil had that so I’ll assume that this show will.

I personally liked that the original Holmes was morally ambiguous. Gave him flair. As an anime fan, I tend to think of Death Note’s L as being quite a bit like Holmes. Hopefully this show won’t paint him as a stalwart & sanctimonious moral crusader (ie:Basil). The world doesn’t need another Ed Elric.

Oh, is Watson competent in this or is he a bumbling lump of lard, good only for comic relief,as he was in the Basil movies?

Since it is on Netflix I’ll have to check out the first ep and get back to you here. I could use another good live action series. I know it is hard to believe, but I don’t think man can live on anime alone B)

[quote=“celestial_being” post=110944]But action is cool. :wink:

Sherlock Holmes’ ability to kick ass, as well as his most prodigious drug addiction, are 2 of his best traits, and are so often overlooked.[/quote]

Ha! Yes, perhaps I was a little too strong by saying it relies “much” less on action. I doubt you could produce a show these days without some fast chase put in the episode somewhere. I really should’ve just said it isn’t an action show alone. :wink:

Yeah, his elitism hinders his abilities to interact with almost everyone around him. I haven’t seen the Basil films to compare the two though.

This Sherlock is much more chaotic in terms of how he does his job. He’s a consulting detective because he finds it fun, not because he thinks he’s doing the right thing.

Watson is a strong supporting character. While Sherlock does most of the think-work, Watson is by no means a fool, and doesn’t serve as any comic relief whatsoever. I’d say Watson is the most serious character of the show.

Hope you enjoy it, and yeah, definitely get back to me on your thoughts. I’d be interested to know how the show compares with the Basil films.

It sounds as though this series will portray the duo in a much better way than the Basil films. The Basil movies weren’t bad, per se, but they are vexing if you’ve read any of the novels. Sherlock is a one-dimensional character in those, as is Watson. Sherlock is an elitist who keeps everyone in the dark while he casually smokes on a pipe and solves the case, never getting involved in anything physical. Watson is a bumbling but affable fat guy who exists only to be the butt of Holmes’ insults, unwittingly do the dirty work for Holmes, and shoot a gun on occasion with horrible accuracy (infuriating as he was supposed to be a competent doctor, a savvy man, and a crack shot). Oh, and to make a mass effect reference, both characters were solidly paragon in the Basil films where as in the books they (at least Holmes) had a renegade streak.

I am interested to know how they’ll address Holmes’ narcotics addiction in this version as cocaine and opium are as illegal as illegal can be in the 21st century. Doctor House prescribed himself painkillers illegally as a nod to this.

Saw the first ep of this. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It had some of the British quirkiness, but it was still serious enough for me. As a good Sherlock Holmes adaptation should, it made me reminisce about Death Note.

I liked this adaptation of Mycroft better than that of the Guy Ritchie movie as in this I believed from the start that Mycroft was competent and almost on par with Sherlock. In the Ritchie movie I wasn’t sure if he truly was competent. Also this didn’t have any scenes (at least not in ep 1) of Mycroft strolling around naked, exposing himself to Watson’s wife and an old man. :wink: I did miss Ritchie’s emphasis on Holmes’ fighting prowess though. Maybe we’ll get something later, though Watson was there to supply the requisite action.

Showing Holmes strung out on nicotine patches and admitting that he had more illegal drugs than Tony Montana answered my question about the drug addiction.

The PC, especially concerning “Harry”, was off-putting but as the show progressed the PC became so ridiculous that, considering similar themes in other modern British things I’ve seen, I’m wondering if the series is subtly mocking the PC of modern British society. Even if it wasn’t, I don’t really mind as their portrayal of Watson as being like Rambo more than made up for it. To be honest, with the war flashback at the beginning I was really expecting this adaptation to be going all “war is bad” on us. Thankfully they went in the exact opposite direction.

Really my only complaint, and this is extremely minor, is Sherlock Holmes having a “grammar fail” when he does not use the subjunctive, using “wasn’t” instead of “hadn’t been” or “weren’t”.

Glad you enjoyed it! Also just as a heads-up, the second episode, “The Blind Banker”, is often described as the least favorite episode amongst fans, some even saying they simply don’t like it. I personally enjoyed it nearly as much as I did the first episode, but just in case you wind-up being one of those who don’t like it, don’t fret! The series doesn’t take a dive in quality (though again, I must stress my confusion as to why some people don’t like the episode).

Also, just as a random piece of trivia, but the man who plays Mycroft is also one of the writers for the show, and wrote one of my favorite episodes, “The Hounds of Baskerville”.

I liked the 2nd episode. I guess I could see how some people might not like the “weaboo-ness” of the episode, but I wouldn’t count myself as one of them. I did think it funny that this ancient crime syndicate has just about the worst intelligence system ever. I also got a laugh out of the now-ancient smartphone technology.

While Holmes isn’t a crack fighter in this series, this ep did show that he’s somewhat competent when it comes to violence.

The only thing that irked me a bit was Watson acting like a punk in the tunnel.

London seems like a giant slum. Even the buildings which aren’t run down are short, flat, and architecturally unremarkable. It’s like DC, only without any of the cool neoclassical architecture and with the egg in lieu of the Washington monument (and a lot more of southeast DC). I wonder how The Shard changes the flat and bland London skyline?

It’s ironic that Sherlock opens ep 3 by correcting the grammar of an inmate when he himself has made a glaring error or 2. :wink:

Finished series, enjoyed it. Glad to hear they’re making more. Definitely better than the first Downey Jr movie.

Thought the “Batman Begins” twist on the well-known Hound of the Baskervilles was interesting. Much more so than the actual tale, and worlds above the iconic Basil Rathbone movie of the same name.

The weakest part of the series was their portrayal of Moriarty. I would have preferred a coldly competent depiction, a la Kira, instead of their version, which is best described as a metrosexual version of the Joker from Batman.

Moriarty’s character really threw me off in the beginning, but he grew on me. I thought the very beginning of the third episode in series two when Moriarty reeks chaos on London and allows himself to be caught whilst sitting upon the throne with jewelry was one of my favorite moments of the show.

I just hope that what they show Moriarty doing at the end of the ep was a hoax. An elaborate one.

I could believe it, after Sherlock fooled the world twice in similar cases. Know what I mean?

Sherlock had L’s hair, but he really reminded me of Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. A better Spike Spiegel (Sherlock had a brain), and a Spike who didn’t go out like a punk.

If Sherlock had done some high spinning kicks, I would have no doubt that the Spike look was intentional. It’s not a stretch that someone on the crew is an anime fan; CBS has some anime fans working on Person of Interest.

Meanwhile, Moriarty reminded me of Fred from Outlaw Star. A deranged and murderous Fred who gets what he wants…

I never thought of the characters being much like anime characters, but it is interesting you mention Spike for Benidict’s Sherlock. To me he looks like Alex Rowe from Last Exile.
Anyhow, this is a fantastic show That I am already sad is only 6 eps long (with a god-aweful wait for a 3rd season.

Having Martin Freeman as Watson is brilliant, odd to think he is going to be everyone’s favorite grumpy hobbit Bilbo Baggins in the new movies coming out.

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