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Sing "Yesterday" for Me / Yesterday o Utatte

Sing “Yesterday” for Me / Yesterday o Utatte

Plot Summary: Rikuo has graduated from college, but has zero ambition or direction and works in a convenience store. A strange high-school dropout, Haru, keeps coming around with her pet crow. Rikuo still has a crush on his senior Shinako, who is beginning a teaching career, and who shows up in the store one day. Rikuo’s relationships with the girls, and his feelings about his life, keep changing as the story evolves, bringing in other important characters—Rikuo’s co-worker, the coworker’s sister, and a childhood friend of Shinako’s, etc
Number of episodes: 18
Vintage: 2020-04-04

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Kei Toume’s Sing ‘Yesterday’ for Me Manga Listed With TV Anime

posted on 2019-04-12 00:42 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Manga ran from from 1997-2015, centers on unemployed college graduate

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Kei Toume’s Yesterday wo Utatte Manga to Get Anime Adaptation

April 17, 2019 2:10am CDT
The love story manga ran for 18 years with 112 chapters

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Sing ‘Yesterday’ for Me Anime Reveals Staff, Visual, Spring 2020 Debut

posted on 2019-11-19 23:45 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
New Game!'s Yoshiyuki Fujiwara directs anime at Doga Kobo

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Sing ‘Yesterday’ for Me Anime Reveals Cast, April 4 Premiere

posted on 2020-01-21 10:14 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Chikahiro Kobayashi, Yume Miyamoto, Kana Hanazawa, Natsuki Hanae star in anime


Sing ‘Yesterday’ for Me Anime Reveals Teaser, 18-Episode Length

posted on 2020-01-21 16:07 EST by Jennifer Sherman
Series premieres on new NUManimation block on April 4

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Sing ‘Yesterday’ for Me Anime Reveals Promo Video, 21 More Cast Members

posted on 2020-02-15 01:38 EST by Crystalyn Hodgkins
4-member rock band Yourness to perform theme song for series premiering on April 4

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TV Anime Sing “Yesterday” for Me Director Appreciates The Manga Author’s Compliment

March 12, 2020 10:10pm CDT
The manga author Kei Toume: “It fells like my manga is expanded.”

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Sing ‘Yesterday’ for Me Anime Unveils 1st Episode’s 1st 9 Minutes

posted on 2020-03-26 23:45 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Coming-of-age anime about life after college premieres on April 4

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Crunchyroll Adds SING “YESTERDAY” FOR ME and More to Spring 2020 Lineup

April 02, 2020 1:00pm CDT

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The Spring 2020 Anime Preview Guide - Sing “Yesterday” For Me

Apr 4th 2020

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Love Confession | SING “YESTERDAY” FOR ME

Anime MV for SING “YESTERDAY” FOR ME OP Song Depicts Main Characters’ Daily Life

April 12, 2020 9:10pm CDT
Yoshiyuki Fujiwara (NEW GAME!!)-directed adaptation is simulcast on Crunchyroll

SING “YESTERDAY” FOR ME is This Season’s Must-Watch Drama!

April 13, 2020 10:00am CDT
Today let’s explore the many strengths of Sing “Yesterday” For Me’s production!

Declaration of War | SING “YESTERDAY” FOR ME

Anime vs. Real Life: The Somber Real-World Locations of SING “YESTERDAY” FOR ME’

April 21, 2020 1:00pm CDT
Check out the real-world locations of SING “YESTERDAY” FOR ME

Tell Me a White Lie | SING “YESTERDAY” FOR ME

No Place Left to Run | SING “YESTERDAY” FOR ME


Sing ‘Yesterday’ for Me Anime Has Completed Production

posted on 2020-05-04 12:30 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Series premiered in April