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Song Dedication Thread


Damn straight. Thanks! :slight_smile:


To: Hornet65

Message: :cheer:


To: Rish11

Message: :cheer:


Well well, looks like there’s plenty of affection in the air. My job is done.

And, how thoughtful of Eric to remember. >.> <.< >.>


To: Everyone!

Message: “Happy Valentine’s Day! <3 May the one you love always be happy!”

From: sbitzer


To: Slowhand!
From: A Fan.

“Thanks for making TAN forums so fun to visit!”


To Froggy
From PretearHimeno


To Hippie #1
From Hippie #2


Well this venture also appears to have been a success. Thank you to those who participated. Such sweet dedications (mostly). Maybe we will pick this back up for St. Patrick’s Day…


LOL Pretear! We will always have Melissa. :wink:


Alright all you hep cats and cool chicks out there on TAN. It’s that time of year again! The premise is the same, PM either shankajew, Slowhand or myself with a song dedication to a friend, significant other, stalking victim etc… with or without a personal message, and they’ll post it here. If you’re unfamiliar with this or have any questions, please look at past posts in this thread for an idea. It’s as easy as pie! Now through Valentine’s Day!

And no sbitzer, you can’t dedicate a song to this picture.


Hey everyone, I’ve made my return as DJ, and someone has already gotten the ball rolling.

To: Slowhand
From: Roy Mustang

We’ll always have Creative Corner babe :wink:


PretearHimeno wrote:

Dammit. :frowning:



**To: shankajew

From: Anonymous**

**To: LadyOfWicca

From: “A friend” ;)**

“Happy birthday girl!”


To: outlander
From: Froggy

“Ever since Pretear came back, you don’t love me anymore.
P.S. Do you have a cat?”



All right, my turn to DJ a little bit and I have this dedication…


"Can you feel it? I feel it. :wink: "

From: A Secret Admirer

#57 here one for all those rebbles out there


Shinmori, that isn’t how this thread works.

**To: headphones girl

From: a friend of sbitzers**


**To: fillet

From: Froggy**

“I miss you baby! P.S. You are invited to lay your hands on me.”


im srry pre… just posted it