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Song Dedication Thread


**To:new members
From:Outlander **

“Welcome to the best anime forum on the web. Only the strong and the clever survive here”


[quote=“Slowhand” post=105951]To: LadyOfWicca
From: Shawn Merrow

I can’t believe I missed all this! Thanks computer! :angry:

Thanks Shawn, this was beautiful! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:


To: Everyone who is lucky in the love they have found
From: Someone who is also lucky that way


From: Anonymous


To: My best buds
From: Lady of Wicca


To: shak’s sock
From: Hentai


To: Everyone… specifically, Wolfo
From: Your secret admirer… specifically, Hentai


To: Slowhand
From: Anonymous


Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, this thread is being revived. Once again, Slow will be your DJ and as per Pretear’s original instructions, please PM her with your requests. They can be silly or serious, for a lover, family member, or just a friend here at AN. You don’t need to give your name - just have fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day! :heart_decoration: