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Sound! Euphonium / Hibike! Euphonium


Sound! Euphonium - Character Song Vol.3 Kawashima MidoriTeru (CV. Toyoda Moe-e)

Sound! Euphonium - Character Song Vol.4 Takasaka Rena (CV. Yasusumi Chika)


Episode 13 –


After all the build up and tension, I cried with complete happiness when they got the gold!


The Expectation Problem, Part 2: The Discordance of Sound! Euphonium

July 9, 2015 at 05:00 PM ET


Pony Canyon @ Otacon 2015

10:22:47 < bay|Ota|PonyCanyon > Q: BD and DVD for Sound Euphonium? Season 2 plans?
10:23:23 <bay|Ota|PonyCanyon> A: In terms of the boxset, I’m sure there will be one, so please check the website for updates


I loved S1 but not at the prices PonyCan USA is sure to charge…


I wanted to watch it, but I’m not willing to torture myself when the inevitable CE singles rack up a multi-100 dollar price tag.

I’ve said my peace on this and will now bide my time to see how PonyCan US fares.

Mark Gosdin


Sound! Euphonium Anime’s 7th DVD/BD Bundles Extra Episode

2015-09-21 04:15 EDT
Kyoto Animation streams preview for “Kakedasu Monaka” episode

Kyoto Animation’s Sound! Euphonium Gets Film & TV Series Sequel

posted on 2015-10-31 07:30 EDT
Film to revisit concert band TV series, & sequel to depict story afterwards


Sound! Euphonium Film/2nd TV Series’ Announcement Video Streamed

posted on 2015-11-02 04:00 EST
Compilation film, sequel TV series announced on Saturday


VIDEO: “Sound! Euphonium” Compilation Film Slated for April 23, 2016

Mikikazu Komatsu - December 02, 2015 3:50am EST
Advance tickets with a clear file will go on sale on December 19


Sound! Euphonium Film Posts 15-Second Teaser

posted on 2016-01-06 02:35 EST
Ad for TV anime’s Blu-ray/DVD release also streamed


“Sound! Euphonium” Live Talk Event Scheduled for February 2016 in Shinjuku

January 18, 2016 5:45pm CST
Voice actresses Tomoyo Kurosawa, Ayaka Asai, and Chika Anzai will attend


New Main Visual for “Sound! Euphonium” Compilation Film Posted

February 05, 2016 5:00am CST
Valentine’s Day-limited advance tickets will be available on February 14


Sound! Euphonium Anime Film’s Full Trailer Streamed

posted on 2016-02-13 09:00 EST
Film looking back on 2015 TV series to open on April 23

North American “Sound! Euphonium” Home Video Release Listed

March 10, 2016 1:42pm PST
Collector’s Edition 1 scheduled for June 10


Really loved Sound! Euphonium but not at almost $18 / episode.

Unless it’s Space Battleship Yamato, Aniplex pricing (between $10- $13 / Episode) is my limit and I really have to like the show.


Press Release: PONY CANYON Announces Upcoming Sound! Euphonium BD & DVD Release Details

Mar 17th 2016



Ponycan USA Promotes Sound! Euphonium Film

posted on 2016-03-26 18:59 EDT
Anime not yet confirmed for localization


Sound! Euphonium Season 2 Briefly Listed in Fall by Red Cross Campaign

posted on 2016-04-19 03:00 EDT


Sound! Euphonium TV Anime’s 2nd Season Premieres in October

posted on 2016-04-22 22:58 EDT

Sound! Euphonium Film Opens in Top Ten

posted on 2016-04-25 18:20 EDT


Pony Canyon Announces Sound! Euphonium Collector’s Edition 02 & 03 Release Details

May 12th 2016