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Hey TAN members looking for a new place where you can say what you want and say whats on your mind Today we have a new remake of our great TAN forums Super TAN Here in Super TAN you can talk about anything you want its super Talk about SEX POLITICS ECONOMY and good old ANIME and ECT… Post pics you like and you can chat with other TAN members and remember this is super so anything goes and have fun

When a man and a woman listen to George Michael…

ObamaCare stays a while longer. :unamused:

It’s improving.


That’s all great news @Snowy_Stampede but what about the great anime

The Outlands is not really the place to discuss anime but I’ll be placing an order soon. Excited!

That’s good from what place will you be ordering

@Snowy_Stampede did you place an order if you did post it on bought dvd

No but sometime this month. You’ll see it via image. I don’t post it on order day anymore.

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ok i will be looking for your post

Been hearing about identity theft lately and no not the movie which was pretty good I’m talking about on the news where people’s money is been stolen all at once and some identity thief is stealing small amounts from a lot of people kind of concerned

oprah running for president will see about that