Tan diy for the day 🪚

Hey everybody I like to create threads to post in and i recently found a new creative anime ( Do it Yourself!! ) that i like, for i can share my creative side with my TAN group. The anime inspired me to drop a new thread to post with the TAN crew. So if y’all want to add a little something to this thread you absolutely can.

In this thread you can post pics gifs videos Emojis of anything that has to do with some kind of project of some sort.


Here’s a DIY for stretching.


That is DIY for sure but that is also TMI you have some more do it yourself but not in a dirty way or is that your mo ?

I thought I post it here but @LadyOfWicca been spooking us with her Halloween finds and thought I give a little taste of some diy thrillers. I’m in the holiday spirit too

Spooky Vibes
AnimePoster :scream:

I don’t understand

ffs don’t word it like that LOL

I don’t know if I miss interpreted your diy post but what else do you have up your sleeve for this thread ?