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Well, I am just going to curl up here with the latest issue and a cool drink. :slight_smile:


Thanks to Pretear for some help,com_kunena/Itemid,183/catid,11/func,view/id,341/limit,10/limitstart,350/#121013
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Very nice last two issues. :wink:


:ohmy: :blink:

WHA!! Is this some kind of hidden camera thing?! I never give interviews in my dungeon! And I certainly don’t talk about tied-up Roy!

Expect to hear from my lawyers… as soon as I figure out which room they’re in… :whistle:


Not entirely sure it’s a dream they’re living.


Depends on your tastes Pretear :stuck_out_tongue:


Nose plugs, who thought they’d be useful?


What happened to July? Did TAN Forum Magazine switch distributors to iNdEMAND, too?



All right - a ladies issue!! I am determined to win that love pillow!!

But, I’ll just have to ignore that sandwich article…


To keep Outlanders memory alive, I’m officially taking control of this thread. Look forward to a “foxy” issue coming soon. B)




LOL! Good one, Outlander!


Hey, Outlander-how did you figure out that’s what I meant when I wrote “a nice, quiet ride”?


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I need a Guest Editor for October (this Month: Anime Horror)

PM me


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“Forum Members That Don’t Need A Costume”

Anyone we know? :huh:


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