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Outlander asked me to guest edit the holiday issue, hope you like it.


If it’s as good as your posters are, Shawn, I’m sure you will do a great job on the TAN magazine! :cheer:


Well October was an insanely busy month so I’m just now catching up on Nov and now the Dec issues.

Thank you kind sirs, Shawn & Outlander for all your good work.

Oh, and the new sig image is for Outlander. Gotta love the Moe.

Mark Gosdin


Thanks though its already posted above, did you have a problem seeing it?


[quote=“ShawnMerrow” post=129227]

Thanks though its already posted above, did you have a problem seeing it?[/quote]

Ugh! That’s the problem coming here when I’m at work. Can’t see any pictures. Now that I have seen, you did do a very good job. :slight_smile:


Thanks with my day I needed that.


outstanding job. i hope that you do more


Is that a tear of joy in your eye, Outlander? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, it was fun so would like to do it again.


Enjoyed all the recent issues. Great job as always Outlander!!

You too Shawn. Great job! Looking forward to seeing you guest edit again!!


click on pic for larger image


Breaking news! Fold out causes a panic among deliverers!


click on pic for larger image


It’s about time someone exposed those Zombie Lobsters! :ohmy:


I come back to the magazine only three months later and I’m on the cover of two? I really need to keep up with this more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that I forgot about it or anything. :unsure:

Thank you for the issue(s)! :3


A fold-out huh, outlander!? Were you spying on my again? ARGH… stalkers! Well I hope you got my good side at least. I was doing a Tom Cruise impression earlier sliding across the floor in some whitie-tighties… I could have sworn I was being watched. Now I know… *repressed laugh. Thanx for the issue… it was fun!


Lots o laughs Outlander. One question: “Where did you find that pic?”


You mean I missed finding out which forum member is an android? Who was it???

Thanks outlander! Great issues, although those last two fold-outs may have blinded me for life! :laugh: :laugh:


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