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Tan magazine


Thank you snowy do have 5 issue that I’ve been work on this year stay tune for more


Hmm, we need a logo for future issues. And looking back a few, we need a new one anyway.


Are you talking about like the one we have on lounge lizard


Almost done with the tan issues will be posting two of them today so you get two for the price of one


edit that image on the right got messed up it was spongebob


Bossed Up. A can’t miss event. Grab the :popcorn:.


It’s still messed up but o well


I watch anime both day and night. Got a laugh from the Amy Winehouse bit. Great job. :+1:


Going to post the 5th issue this week and might make a extra issue for next month for Valentine’s Day




would u guys like to see my second made issue cover
dont want to show u the first issue yet


well ill just show u guys anyway what the second issue cover is going to be like



so thats just some of the content that will be in the mag
there is more in store for u to be amazed over

and just to let u in on the new mag and what one of the pages contains
and that is the Thread Outlander started " The TAN Newsdesk "

so the first and second issues r coming together nicely

so make sure u save ur penny for this TAN Mag

U wont be disppionted in fact u will be the opposite of that U be over joyed


a xmas issue for u guys

and didnt mean to put u guys out there it just happens that way @miquelfire and @maousadao