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TAN Table Talk / Let’s chat about All TAN Everything

Hey everyone This is TAN’s place to chat about fun thing concerning TAN All day everyday and what the plans will be moving forward to make TAN a great spot even better that now we have grown and developed a more mature and more refined and better grammar than before and that doesn’t get to much in the way and takes away from the impact of the delivery of the post that we made but……

So Let’s start Talking TAN

So we can start with two letters Q&A
What if TAN had a Discord?
Do you’ll use some kind of Discord ?
I think all the major anime companies like
**Sentai Disoctek Aniplex Media ** should come together and just have one main major anime Discord
What do you’ll think ?
But how could the social anime community grow with one main Discord for anime to become even more talked about than ever or do we have different groups apart of many separate anime communities