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That Face When... (TFW)

This thread is a means of sharing your reaction to an event, occurrence, news or thought. You bering a bit of context.

TFW your video edit is featured on

thing gets decent traffic, it is not monetized and wont be. 121% audience retention.

This seems really similar to this thread. Could you elaborate on the difference?

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the title doesn’t really inspire what I was going for or was looking at and slipped my gaze, and that makes it sound like you have a challenge to overcome. I was thinking something along the lines of the reddit that face when something something evokes feelings

ie, that face when youre asleep in bed and feel this random burning pinch in a tender spot on your inner arm at 5am, and cant figure it out as it burns through the day only to find a wasp in your house later. its like yeah okay by why though, i wasn’t moving why sting something thats not moving you arse nugget.

Something like that happened to me. But it was a spider. Had to go to the hospital for it