That's just Perfect

Here is where u give some nice words of positivity for ur fellow TAN Members in their day to day log in activity where they can have a better day because of ur words

U can start with something simple in ur own words
Or u can quote someone’s words

So let’s make some uplifting magic
So whats ur magic words


Y’all make my day a little better. Really glad the TAN forums are still around :blush:


As Mistress Of The Roses it’s my job to Make sure you bloom!


I love u guys here in the outlands so much but I hate that ur do here more often

so its kind of a love hate thing


I know this is a bump but this is a underrated thread that values the member that r here very day r ( a least show up on a surprise visit )
But I just want say for the topic of the thread

U guys have been great signing in and off for this recent Circumstance I love that u joined and still here