That's just wrong



Um, no?



Sometimes I worry about the children of our future. With toys like this…

Or this…



Ok, I’ll bite, what’s wrong with it?


When the selection is highlighted for Special features, it turns into that jumbled mess. Here’s a pic of one of the other items listed:

BTW, it’s on disc 1 of Love, CHUNIBYO, and Other Delusions DVD release. The remastered DVDs from the PBS don’t have this problem.





That tidal wave pokemon is right outside, go snatch it up… :stuck_out_tongue:


Where the wild Gyarados are.


Cross this off my travel list.


Not even sure what these are supposed to say:


not enough tape


Up. Stop in my rooms hand in hand.

Yeah that’s not creepy at all.



Oct. 1, 2018 05:36 am JST


Technology may be a good thing, but I think it ruins many childhoods. Kids need to go out and play. They need to get dirty, have fun, and socialize with other kids their own age. They need to use their imaginations instead of being glued to televisions, computers, and phones, etc. I really fear what future generations will become. I can see evidence of it now in friends’ children. It’s just plain scary.

That’s my rant and I am finished! :grin: