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That's just wrong


Fullmiddle Malcomist: Brotherhood


Just saw the most bizarre commercial ever - why would you buy this for your kids???

And secondly, after one day, your kids will be out of “food” and then what?






Imo, the worst part is they listed Skeletor as a hero :dizzy_face:


And a stormtrooper! :grin:


Wasn’t a Stormtrooper one of the good guys in the new Star Wars movies though?

(Sorry. Not a big SW fan…)



R is for Princess Principal? This requires an investigation. :female_detective:


What the… someone call the Grammar Nazi!




For those of you shopping today…





@LadyOfWicca I find that hard to believe.

People DON’T like Aqua’s Barbie Girl???








I saw this on the news today and looked up an article - this is a real thing. And the comments make it so much better.


That is just too funny. Although, I did see a job ad once for a dog walker that required a bachelor’s degree, but offered less than minimum wage.


My favorite thing is the fact that the babysitter can have NO tickets or run-ins with the law, but this mother is willing to evade tax laws.

The mother doesn’t even qualify for it. She doesn’t have 9 years of experience.