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The Buy Stuff Thread


recently got:
Titan A.E. DVD
Ernest Three Pack Of Movies
Giant Sized X-Men Heroclix packs
Cosplay Fever Red
Pokemon Black Edition

Would have gotten but didn’t come to the comic book store the week it was suppose to:
Walking Dead Season 1

Also I pre ordered Sailor Moon Manga Volume 1 and Sailor V Volume 1.


slickwolfie wrote:

[quote]Froggy wrote:

[quote]I picked up some stuff at my old Best Buy (because I refuse to buy anything from my current one.) :stuck_out_tongue:

Ducktales Volume 1: $12.99
Pinky And The Brain Vol. 1: $14.99
Time Bandits Bluray: $9.99
Fallen (TV movie) Bluray: $9.99[/quote]

All great stuff but Time Bandits was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. I had it on VHS 'til I just played it to death. I may have to go find a copy.
I agree about Time Bandits. I watched that movie 50 times when I was a kid and loved it. It’s available on Netflix if anyone wants to watch it.

I’ve actually never watched the entirety of it, though I did watch about 20 minutes or so on Netflix the other day. But I figured for $10 on bluray, what the hell? Plus, I had a Reward Zone certificate so it was pretty much free.


So I just got those shoes in the mail today. Unfortunately, I think I ordered 1 size too small. I still wore them around for a bit though, and even took my dog for a walk in them. Let me tell you though, these shoes are absolutely amazing. Even though I could tell they were just a tad too small for me, I don’t think I’ve ever fallen into running so easily. Usually I’m pulling back on my dog to slow down to my pace, but with these shoes I was out pacing him! Just wearing these shoes makes walking/running more fun and energizing. So I’m going to go to a shoe store that sells them, and try on a size larger, if it feels like it works better than the size I have now, I’m going to send them back in. Otherwise, I’d highly recommend getting a pair of Vibram Fivefingers.


I bought myself a new pair of (you guessed it) headphones! It is a Sennheiser HD 205-II, and I got it from Amazon new for $37.58. The original sticker price is $79.99, and the discounted price has since jumped up to $59.95, so I got lucky this time. It just arrived today, and it’s got amazing sound quality. It has the standard 1/8" audio jack (for iPods and such) as well as a screw-on 1/4" adapter connector, both of which are gold-plated. I bought it partly because the portable one I have can be quite uncomfortable at times, and this one is a bit more stable on my head.


Good buy from a good brand, I wish I had a pair of Senheisers.


shankajew wrote:

They have a very wide range of products and price ranges. I chose this one because it is a good all-rounder at a fair (starting) price. Plus I like ones that have the cord attached on one side. The ones that split to both sides kind of get in the way.


I’ve heard only good things about Sennheisers, that’ll probably be the next brand of headphones I purchase when my nobass Skullcandy headphones die.

Went to GameStop and got some games for their sale.

Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection (PS3 - used) - $12
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (PS3 - new) - $15

My girlfriend also picked up Fallout 3 GOTY Edition (PS3 - used) for $15 and Assassin’s Creed (PS3 - used) for $15.


Nice haul there, I keep meaning to pick up more games for my PS3, but it always seems that I want to play on my PC more recently.

Just bought the game Magicka on Steam (9.99) with DLC so that I can wear a hate (.99).
Also got a new headset off of newegg (14.99). Never heard of the brand, but the reviews are good for it. They seem sturdy with surprisingly good sound quality and comfort.


Picked up yesterday:
Tron: Legacy (Four-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy)
Tron: The Original Classic (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Basically got both for a $1.98.

Had some pre-paid cards I got from a promo from getting my oil changed , another one for getting a perscription filled , instore promo took another $8 off for getting both , and then they even let me use the $5 off coupon for Legacy. I was going to get the light up Identity disc set ,but not in to paying that much for novelty case. If it had a normal case I’d have done it though.


Got recently:
WWE All Stars for X-Box 360
Xena Season 2

Have in my box at comic book store hut haven’t gotten out:
Tron Legacy (not going anywhere till I buy it)

Ordered yesterday from 80’s t-shirts:
GI Joe T-Shirt
4 Transformers T-Shirts

Really hard to find shirts in my size and I had to do a search on the web site to find them.


Came in the other day:
Rodan/War of the Gargantuas
Secret World of Alex Mack - Season 1

Frankenstein Conquers the World

So now I’ll have both of Toho Frankenstein movies.


It’s a shame there haven’t been any other seasons of Alex Mack released. I only ever got to watch the finale once, and it wasn’t in it’s entirety. It was rare for Nick to give a show an actual final episode.


dragonrider_cody wrote:

I found it kind of sad the the only reason it seems from the cover and even one of disc the first season got released is because Jessica Alba was in it and at the time she was the hot ticket.

I’m hoping it’s part of the deal with Shout Factory ,but the problem I see is it was co-produced by Hallmark Entertainment and Nickelodeon Productions. I believe Hallmark actually has the home video rights. Though maybe with Hallmark not doing so hot Nickelodeon will buy the full rights from them.


Ordered from

Relic Hunter: The Complete First Season $18.69

I have the “Best of Relic Hunter” collection that was released a few years ago, but I didn’t even realize the individual seasons had some out. Unfortunately, Amazon’s US site is out of Season 1, so I have to pay $11 to ship it from Canada. I will probably order seasons 2 and 3 shortly since they are getting low on stock.

Okay I went ahead and ordered the other two seasons from Amazon. Season 2 only had one copy in stock and who knows if they will get replenished. I wonder if these are the same as the Alliance sets in Canada? I also threw in the Scream Movies on Bluray. I was going to run to my old store and grab them tomorrow (as they are the same price) but this way I can stay home and veg.

Relic Hunter The Complete Second Season $22.99
**Relic Hunter The Complete Third Season ** $29.95
Scream Bluray $7.99
Scream 2 Bluray $7.99
Scream 3 Bluray $7.99


Okay, I had to do some emotional shopping at Amazon. I just a $180 order, consisting of mostly preorders:

Hey Arnold Season 1 DVD Collection
From Beginning To End DVD
Insidious Bluray
Rocko’s Modern Life Season 1 DVD Collection
Supernatural The Anime Series Bluray Collection
Conan The Adventurer: Season One
The Angry Beavers Season One and Two
Sentimental Journey The Complete Series
Hexx The Complete First Season

TOTAL: $181.91

I have Amazon Prime, so FREE SHIPPING! Also, if you like horror movies, you must watch Insidious. IT’S AWESOME!


The Xbox 360 I have now (new version, 250GB) I had bought without the Kinect sensor, but after seeing what Forza Motorsport 4 has to offer in terms of this, I couldn’t help myself:

From Amazon – Kinect Sensor (w/out game) – $98.98 used (minus shipping, advertised as in ‘like new’ condition)


Pre-Ordered Infamous a few months ago when I heard it was coming out, just went and got it today, so far it has been just as fun as I remember, they unlocked a few more abilites and I gotta say some of them are a blast to use, lol.


Well I did it and bought a refurbished 32" LCD HDTV, so much for the progress made on the credit card. The current TV has started to turn itself off and sometime take a few minutes to turn on. Also the audio is going bad and a bad section of the screen.


I traded in my Wii and all the games plus all my gamecube games at Gamestop for store credit.

I ended up using it to buy:

Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue
Pilotwings Resort
Rayman 3D
Preordered copy of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D


Got from Target today:
Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy (Blu-ray+ Digital Copy) $14.99
True Grit (2010) (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) $14.99

Universal I guess got all the complaints about the original packaging of the BTTF 25th anniversary set and have changed it with the last batches. Newer style has the numbers 2016181 on back cover bottom right hand corner above the Dolby Digital logo and below the website info.

From what I can gather there is a another set coming out August ,but in a normal case. Guessing that is why a lot of places have been having it on sale as of late. Figured $14.99 is going to be very hard to beat so might as well get the current release.

Snowy Stampede wrote:

[quote]I traded in my Wii and all the games plus all my gamecube games at Gamestop for store credit.

I ended up using it to buy:

Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue
Pilotwings Resort
Rayman 3D
Preordered copy of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D[/quote]

Did they give you a decent trade in value for the stuff? I saw they are giving more for the trades now and was thinking about trading a few things in.

Also decided even though I can’t really use the 3D since the games look like they are going to be going more and more towards the 3DS. That when the price drops I’ll get one instead of getting a XL and just turn off the 3D.