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The Buy Stuff Thread


FROZEN YOGURT!!! :ice_cream:


never had it FROZEN does it taste like ice cream


Yes, it’s quite good. We have a Culver’s store that features frozen yogurt. I had a Hamburger there for lunch today, brought home burgers and cheese curds for the family.

Mark Gosdin


It’s for this .


so youj add that to plain yogurt @psychopuppet or something

nevermind just liked it up


SUBWAY eat fresh


Audrey II Pop Vinyl Pop Movies
Ch’p, Guy Gardner & Kilowog (3-Pack) Pop Vinyl Pop Heroes
Deku (Training) Pop Vinyl Pop Animation
Demona Pop Vinyl Pop Disney
Disney Kingdom Hearts Mickey and Dusk Action Figures - Series 1
Donald (Kingdom Hearts) Pop Vinyl Pop Disney
Goliath Pop Vinyl Pop Disney
Kingdom Hearts Mystery Mini Boxes (9)
Leonardo Pop Vinyl Pop Television
Lexington Pop Vinyl Pop Disney
Sora Pop Vinyl Pop Disney


FroYo kinda tastes like ice cream, but you can tell it’s not quite there.

On a related note, is the “second wave” of Froyo ending? I ask as most all the Menchie’s froyo franchises around me have shut down.


Better late then never . Guess this way no sharing with those meddling kids that come to doors .


Came last night . Pre-orders exceeded the stock so it’s currently sold out and number 1 best seller in a few categories . I got lucky mine shipped as some that ordered around the same time now have a 1 to 3 month delivery date .


Deadpool (with Candy Canes) Pop Vinyl Pop Marvel
R2-D2 (Reindeer) Pop Vinyl Pop Star Wars
Darth Vader (Candy Cane) Pop Vinyl Pop Star Wars
Sailor Moon 2019 Calendar
Sailor Moon Funko Mystery Mini (Venus)
Spider-Man Legends Series 6-inch Marvel’s Cloak


Been replacing cables multiple sizes . Just replacing the one between fixed the problem been having from the cable xfinity replaced the last time they came out and picked up a new case for my Switch from Target sales .
Unfortunately one of kitties like to nudge the Switch Dock off the stand so cant leave it hooked up all the times so this works out nicely .


Aside from the video card, everything on my system is now ordered. Thank you Black Friday for speeding up the process!

I happen to have a spare video card to put in my old system and use the current one in the new one for now.

The things I ordered from Newegg I haven’t got a date yet, but Amazon has the latest currently at Wednesday. (Did I really find something that wasn’t prime?)


Out of curiosity, why not Ryzen? :wink:

Kudos for the bluray drive, there are literally dozens of us left with modern builds with optical drives. :smiley:


Sucks the cat knocking it down but I have one myself and the case is very nice to hold and store your switch. One of nice things too is that comes with cases for your game and good for travel if you going to con for a weekend or away somewhere and want to bring your switch.


I’m more interest in Intel, that’s all.


Got this today.


Welcome to bluray :+1:


Recently got:
Hdmi Switch. One of my 4ktv hidmi stopped working and needed one for my tv or blu ray play. Also I been needing one since been thinking of getting new roku (replacing old one) or amazon fire. They are all hdmi now.
2 Gamestop Black Friday Boxes. I got Max Funko and chase version of Wildcat.