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Of course Pittsburgh has to give the other team a chance in the 4th quarter again. They dominate, then self destruct with 10 minutes to play.




If I shoot Norv Turner, who do you think the chances are we’ll get Billick to replace him? Honestly, I’d settle for Rod Marinelli. The Chargers are less a professional football team and more a well-paid televised abortion.


ZakuAce wrote:

Yes because the only person that matters on the football team is the quarterback… not like he needs the guards or runners to win…


week 5, let’s see what you got.

don’t just post the current division leaders douche bags. Only about half will statistically hold their lead at this point. I’ll post mine in a little bit.



Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Who Dey! Who Dey! Who Dey! Who Dey! Who Dey!

Cardiac Cats strike again!




Ok, so the NFL season has been full of big surprises. The Steelers, at 4-2, are playing some pretty decent football. Their 4th quarter troubles need to stop, or they’ll have no chance of repeating as Super Bowl Champions(They will repeat). The Vikings and Saints seem to be the cream of the crop in the NFC. While I thought the Vikings were #1, the Saints may have proved me wrong with that win against the Giants yesterday. The Eagles choked yesterday, but will bounce back next week. The Cowboys will have something to prove next week. They have possibly the best running team in the NFL. They should stick to the run, and reign in Romo. I feel that he, even though he has a great arm, has cost them a lot of games in the last three years. The 49ers seem to be nothing without Frank Gore. With him, they will be hard to beat. They should win their division, with the Cards and Seahawks fighting closely(could all have a chance at that division) behind. The Falcons also have a chance to do great things. Their only problem, the Saints. The Saints are a machine that need to be stopped. More on the AFC later.


Favre saved the Vikings again :frowning:

The Rams suck but not as bad as the Titans

The Colts are good

Just another week in the NFL.


Go Saints :confused:


What a day. Cowboys tied for Division lead and now have the chance to take the lead for next week’s climactic game.

Sorry Packers fans, Favre is still gold. :wink: :frowning:


dragoon wrote:

[quote]What a day. Cowboys tied for Division lead and now have the chance to take the lead for next week’s climactic game.

Sorry Packers fans, Favre is still gold. :wink: :([/quote]

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

We tried. I blame our loss on our team more than on Farve being good.

It’s ok, we’ll beat the Bears again ^_________^


Come join the Cowboy tent, we welcome all on our impending path to win the Superbowl! :wink: (Well not really that good, we’re good but still a lot of chinks in the armor).


dragoon wrote:
Sorry Packers fans, Favre is still gold. :wink: :frowning:


What a day, Martin ends up on his roof, Johnson somehow get a top 10, Favre beat the Packers at Lambeau Field, the Cowboys won, today sucked.

Well not entirely, the Yankees won…

You know I still do think Ted drove Favre out


With last week’s amazing win, the Cowboys are flying high and for now have division control for the East.

Sorry mita and Zaku, but we need to beat you guys later today. :wink:

Truth be told though, I’m not too confident. Playing in GB’s home-turf will not be easy and the Cowboys while I believe are a solid team, they are not dominating. If we were playing in Cowboys Stadium, a win would be almost assured. But we’re not so I think it could be close. We’ll see… a win would be huge though and almost assure us a playoff spot.


I knew it would be close. It had all the makings of a trap game. To Packers’ credit they played very well today and shutdown our high flying offense. Plus the Cowboys were feeling charitable today. :stuck_out_tongue:


dragoon wrote:

I <3 Charles Woodson :slight_smile: WE felt charitable not shutting you out for the first time since 2003.


dragoon wrote:

What part of that game was close? The Cowboys should have been shut out.

I am not going to brag for me team because I think the fact that the Packers have one really, really, really good Center Back(THAT THEY ACTUALLY GOT IN FREE AGENCY WOW!!!) is not enough to overcome their sieve of an offensive line(but the Cowboy’s O=line looked worst)


Mita, re: close… the huge majority of the game? :wink: It was close til the end when the Cowboys fell apart. Once the dam broke (GB first score) our offense was under pressure and on top of that our offense couldn’t do anything all game anyway, so they kept forcing stuff and it led to more turnovers.

Yeah our O-line looked horrible today. This is one of the first games of the year we got dominated completely. Normally our O-line dominates others since we’re usually bigger than the other guys, but on this game size wise we didn’t have the advantage. We didn’t have the scheme or drive either for some reason - definitely one of the worst performances of our line this year - almost every drop back Romo didn’t have a chance to throw, there was already someone on him or near him. It was an embarrassing day for the offense.

Our defense played solid, but as is the case all year, we’re not making many turnovers to turn the momentum and it always takes us ages to stop the other offense.