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The Night is Still Young And TAN is The Life Of This Old Otaku

Tonight is my night Bro to make another thread same as also
so hope u guys R staying safe and anime fresh

Tonight I am posting in the dark with my phone on full brightest and I think I am going blind :laughing:

How is ur night guys and girls if u all R not sleep on the weekend

I just have one question
What has changed for u if any from ur youth that u view about anime ?


I’m same, just working an overnight shift though :joy:

Will answer your question in a little bit.

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They yell way too much.

The way I can see it is different stories have different driving elements to them and I’ve been able to notice that there is a lot of the formula matick bits that will slide in between segments. Gives it a bit of a pattern which makes it kind of transparent plot-wise. It’s good to know though that the average intro is shorter than the current intro for DBX.

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Okay. Sorry bout that delay…

I see that anime as an entire medium has become significantly more mainstream. That simultaneously has been a blessing as well as a curse, because while more people are accepting of anime than when I was a kid, the majority seems to be opinionated on what constitutes as good programs. The toxicity of the community is one of the significant downfalls as well.

The flip side of that is because of the more mainstream acceptance of anime, shows that may never had have a chance to see the light outside of Japan say 10 years ago are being enjoyed worldwide this very day! Also, thanks to that, we’re also getting more English releases of manga, and companies are going back and producing dubs for shows that had success in the west when they were originally released sub only!

(I’m certain everyone here knows my love for Yami, and to finally hear her speaking in English made my heart melt! :blush::heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: )


If U know anime and happen to be a long time fan then U definitely know the younger aimed changes that has been going on

But to sum up what anime is that I see that has me off and on the band wagon
Is the fact that they R turning my slice of life into these sci fi fantasy stuff that I don’t like

But today’s anime has got me on the edge of not buying any new anime content

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hmmm, I am very selective myself. I a m really into story, but studios are always hellbent on getting what will sell using statistics and the like. You’re right in getting these slice of life stories, now people really go into the isekai genre. I like it, but there is a lot of it. Monster Musume is a good one that is a little fantastic but not too out of the park.

makes it hard to want to get back in completely

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