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The Question Thread


Then I’ll owe ya :stuck_out_tongue:

Conquer any goals today?


Not today but now that I have the tool I need, I can clean the rest of the outside of the house more effectively.

Favorite kind of pancakes?


Cooked, lol.

Is the traffic loud or what?


yes it is

did you order a pizza today


No but I’m craving one.

Last fast food joint you ate from?


it was wendys

just good or better


Just good.

Have you had to have a word with yourself within the last few days?


false no i have not

have you rode a hot air balloon


Nope, but that’d be fun.

Have you seen the Sun set in the desert?


I have not.

Why is the :chicken: crossing the road this time?


to go to a anime convention

what is love


It’s a trap.

Hair spray or hair gel?



football or soccer



Where there’s a will, is there a way?


sometimes you might have a way

do you have google goggles


Nope, 3M

Enjoying the fresh air?


yes it is nice outside

do you have a bucket list


No more like a :moneybag: list.

Do you have a nice pear :pear: ?


Yes, several of them actually 'cause I got pear trees. :wink:

How’s it going?


Busy with important stuff.

Have you ever changed your hair color?