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The Question Thread


have to go with spice

have you try 5 hour energy drink


Yes, but I’ll be damned if it didn’t put me behind :stuck_out_tongue:
Are you feeling it yet?


The all-knowing Discobot says without a doubt.

Current video game :video_game: you’re playing?


The last one I played was Star Wars Battlefront, on my Xbox One.

Got any plans?


Pick up food for when I leave for a job this week.

Tired of the protests yet?


Lol, I never heard them to begin with.

Do you get restless in public?


no not really

how old are you



What happens when you divide by zero?



does time fiy


Yes, right out the window

What’s for dinner?



Pandora or Spotify?


Pandora, never used the other one.

Are your ears ringing?



Clap on or clap off?


Um, I’d go with clap on.

Is the ac on?


OMG, is it? Yes! It’s going to be around 106 here today.

iPhone or Android?


Android all the way, an apple :apple: is a fruit.

Gonna get a sun tan with all that heat?


just might

lays or doritos


Doritos (Cooler Ranch)

Carpet or hardwood floors?



high or low



In a galaxy far, far away, what do you see?