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The Question Thread



is it safe to go outside


Yes it is.

Bought something new from the store lately?



whats the deal


Inorite? Everybody has lost their minds.

What’s all this about shuttlecocks?


Um, it amounts to nothing…

So in light of a new evening, one far beyond what who have passed could ever dream of, what do you propose?


Going to Mars

What are you listening to?


The movie I got playing on my Xbox 360, The Revenant.

Do you have an official bedtime?


No I don’t. Pretty much whenever I feel like it.

Can you get that?


I can indeed get that :wink:

What’s on the tube tonight?


Looks like a penguin.

What’s for breakfast?


Most likely toast, eggs, and something or other.

Enjoying this rain?


The rain has stayed away until another day.

Do you take your shoes off in the house?


I most certainly do, it feels good to let em hang out :slight_smile:

Are you counting on anything particular today?


Some fixes/upgrades on the house, which happened. More to come on that.

What are your inner voices saying?


Get me home already! Lol

How was your day?


Not bad.

Who’s the hero behind the mask?


We may never know.

Can it get any better?


Sure it can.

Did you sleep well?


Two questions actually
Do you believe in getting a flu shot annd do you think they work


:one: Never had a flu shot myself but if you need one, get it.

:two: I would hope so.

Do you plan or do stuff on the fly?