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The Question Thread


Would like to but some stuff on the fly

Action or drama



Do you pay constant attention to your surroundings?


No not really

Do you go to the cnet website and look at the gadgets


Naw, I can barely manage to get to work :stuck_out_tongue:
Having fun?


Eh I think the excitement is wearing off.

Anything good on TV?


dont know

whats in your icebox


Expired… pretty much everything :stuck_out_tongue:


Fillet you might want to go shopping this new year

Where you at


I’m back in Colorado buddy, soaking up the mountain scene :slight_smile: Happy New Year buddy!


Thanks good your back and happy new year to you but do you have another project


Not as of yet, but I’m sure one’s coming

How’s the New Year Resolution coming along? :slight_smile:


It would be going great if had one

Do you listen to the radio


Yes, satellite :artificial_satellite: radio.

What’s for dinner?


Anything worth naming

What is your middle name


Mine is Kyle :slight_smile:
What’s yours?



Do you know any funny jokes?


Not really.

Ready for Winter to be over?


kind of

are you a gamer


Yes I am.

Playing a game currently?


no im just on the forums right now

but didn’t know you was a gamer snowy and don’t look at the video game thread that much to know

whos your daddy (is it slowhand)