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The Question Thread


No, it’s not. Lol.

Got any weekend activities planned?


Just playing Zelda: BotW.

Ready for Spring?

I am but there was a momentary pause for a while and now I’ve resumed play since I bought a Switch.


Yes indeed

Going somewhere


No. Not today.

What’s your favorite app?


Cash app

Burger :hamburger: or pizza :pizza:


Both, a burger pizza sounds good :wink:

Ready for the switch up?


Do you put mustard and ketchup on it

Did you know that timber is back in town


I did not, glad to hear he’s still kickin though (tykes)!

Question… happy?


I try to be.

How’s your Friday going?


another wild and crazy friday night

are you the only child


No, not by a long shot.

Are you enjoying the evening?


Even better after playing the Kirby Star Allies Demo.

Do you ever put down your phone and talk to people?


yes during the weekend but not during the weekday its glued to my hand

are you takin care of business ( but dont mean the toilet) :grinning:


Nonstop it seems.

Been in a mall lately?


no its been awhile

are you on top of the ball


Yes, unfortunately I’ve got run the new job :confused:

Enjoying the weekend?


hows the new job going fillet well i hope

quote=“fillet, post:356, topic:1144”]
Enjoying the weekend?

the weekend was good

what level are you on on tan


I’m not sure, I think I’ve hit “Expert Slacker” lol

What’s in store for the weekend?

That job went good actually, flipped it from halfway behind schedule to finished ahead of schedule :slight_smile:


more of the some nothing well take that back might go to a party

do you order a whole pizza to eat yourself or when friends stop by


Oh I totally get the whole to myself, usually go with the deal if they have it and get several items so I can have several meals out of it.

How was your weekend? (I didn’t have one, seventh straight day of work today ;_:wink:

Lol the face went bizarre I’m gonna leave it