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Do you get a paycheck


For previous work I used to, yes but not anymore. I get paid in cash for my current work.

Gaming: Mobile, console or handheld?


Console, can’t get any better than that chair in front of the tube.

Did you have to work this weekend too?



Last year you bought a TV?



Do you have the goods



Have you shopped online while at work?



Where’s the cookie


In the pantry.

Has this forum become too complicated?


No but it looks like it

Is there gold in them there hills


Yes, yes there is.

Did you cut the cord?


Naw, I think I hanged myself with it.

Will it ever get better?


I think exciting times are ahead.

Is the grass greener on the other side?


yes it is @Snowy_Stampede

how many feet are in a inch :slight_smile:


Very tiny feets.

Should I buy myself a present this year?


yes you should

do you think im pretty


I’ve never seen you.

Do you bake?



Have you ever gotten somebody else’s mail?


All the time.

Have you had to shovel snow this season?


no not yet

does frosty have a button nose


He sure does. So that’s where my button went.

Is that smell coming from you?